Friday, November 6, 2009

November Is National Family Caregiver Month

In honor of National Family Caregiver Month, is opening up their site for free to everyone this weekend, November 6-8th. provides a trusted place for families and caregivers (babysitters, nannies, special needs caregivers, tutors, senior caregivers) to easily connect and get advice. The service enables families to find and select the best care possible based on detailed profiles, background checks, and references for hundreds of thousands of caregivers who are seeking to share their services.

Don't forget to nominate a special caregiver in the Care Hero contest either! They, and you as the nominee, can win some amazing prizes!!


Corrie Howe said...

This is a great resource. I know many people in need of this. And I do think recognizing the wonderful people who do extraordinary care should be honored...all of them.

Single Dad / Disabled Daughter said...

Make sure you carefully check references even with I found this nanny there and checked her references, too. Uggh. Generally a great site though.

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

Thanks single dad - that is very good advice as you can never be too careful, especially with this population of children!

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