Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prom Night (Weekend Wrap Up)

When CB was 4 years old, her father, grandparents and I went to the boardwalk. I took her on her first amusement ride. I sat with her in the little hot air balloon ride and it spun around and raised up in the air. She loved it, and I couldn't stop laughing with pure joy. When the ride was over, I noticed my (at the time) mother-in-law was wiping away tears. I asked her why she was crying, and the answer both surprised and touched me. She said she was crying because she had never seen ME so happy.

Here we are ten years later, and I had that feeling again. The joy of doing something with my daughter that made us both happy with no attached stress.

Friday night was CB's first school prom. Actually, it was my first prom too. "A Night Under The Big Top" was the theme, complete with carnival red and white decorations under a giant tent on the lawn of a beautiful golf club and restaurant.

A few hours before the prom, we found out my husband had stupid freakin' Lyme Disease. Seriously!? WTH!??! Totally random. So, we were trying to process that, follow up with the doctors, etc etc while simultaneously grabbing a shower, dressing and preparing CB. Nothing can ever be done in this house without random drama attached to it.

But I got her dressed and she even sat still for me to do her hair.

She wore the necklace my husband gave to her the night he proposed to me.

Her dad traveled down from Maryland and they made a beautiful "couple." He was so sweet, matching his tie to her dress and bringing a beautiful corsage. She was thrilled to see him. I was really happy for both of them.

My husband (for those not following regularly, CB's dad and my husband are NOT one in the same) had taken the 3 other girls out to dinner at the same place the prom was, so they could meet CB and I outside the event. This photo was taken right after CB popped poor Pink in the face for no reason. In true Pink fashion, she held back her own tears of surprise and disappointment and told CB how beautiful she looked.

It was the best night I've ever experienced with my daughter in the almost 15 years of her life. Well, second best. The best was the day she was born.

She looked, if I do say so myself, absolutely beautiful.

They had a photographer outside by a picturesque gazebo taking formal child and family portraits. While waiting in line, CB made a run for it. Her teacher couldn't resist snapping an action shot as she ran through the putting green. Notice the poor, unsuspecting dude trying to put while a teen in prom gown runs by chased by 2 grown adults.

There were also a few unexpected "flashing" incidents as CB isn't used to being in a strapless, formal dress. I made a "Note to self: Choose dress with straps next year."

Before we left for prom, I told CB that Pretty Princesses Don't Poop At Prom. Apparently she forgot this rule and we had to do a diaper change midway through. It's never a party until CB has me changing a stinky diaper. But you know what? It was ALL good. We managed pretty well given that I had to do it standing up in a public restroom stall, both of us in formal attire. I am so multi-talented I amaze myself.

Post-sanitizing, we enjoyed time on the dance floor. She was out there for 4 songs! Bustin' a move CB style. She's all about standing there all cool with an almost imperceptible sway and whipping around a glow stick. She'd do great at a "rave."

The prom itself was amazing! The venue was beautiful -- a golf club and restaurant overlooking the greens. Corsages and boutonnieres provided for the students, a full hot buffet dinner, Dessert buffet, DJ and dance floor, photographer, amazing weather, raffle prizes and valuable swag bags for each student. The prom committee who put this together were so amazingly supportive. It was so fun to see the staff, parents, AND students having such a great time. The dance floor was packed, the energy positive and fun, and no one for once had to worry about what their child was doing, shushing them, keeping them in a corner, or feeling awkward or conspicuous. I think the kids responded to the ease of their parents and felt happy being able to be who they are out in public.

You know, when I didn't go to my own high school prom I was kinda bummed. But really, who cares? This by far was the best prom night ever. I'm still on cloud 9.

It was like I was on that hot air balloon ride all over again. Joy, acceptance, and the freedom of being whirled through space, thinking neither of the past nor future. Just enjoying the sailing feeling of the moment.


Michelle said...

Alicia - I am speechless. I was laughing and crying all at the same time. You are so blessed. I don't know who was more beautiful - you or CB. Love you both :)

Kim said...

Got a little teary eyed reading this and looking at all the pics. Sounds like a truly wonderful night!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow. Just wow.

Julia Slike said...

loved this post! I'm glad you could both have a beautiful nite together!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Yes, both of you - utterly gorgeous! And CB's big smile just makes it even more magical. So happy for you!

Cristie Ritz King said...

I love this post so much because it shows the two of you-BOTH so genuinely happy. I am so thrilled for you "girls" that you had such a fantastic night. You both deserve it and thanks for sharing it with us!
PS-hope the Lyme is under control.

Claire said...

That is so Wonderful!

Barbara said...

I'm going to have to repeat Elizabeths words. WOW JUST WOW!!! First CB a knockout of course, she must a been a looker at that prom, were all the boys taking a glance at her ;)! You, wow, now I know why CB is so gorgeous!

I especially loved the running off scene, brought back so many fond memories! One comes to mind of my daughter taking off at an amusement park while running stripping down to her birthday suit laughing the entire way as my family and I were chasing her like a bunch of fools. My husband was the first to catch up to her, and where was she, somehow got herself on the teacups(I can only imagine!) and surrounded herself with lots of wonderful sh*t! That had to be the craziest day, try explaining that to a bunch of innocent spectators, their parents and a bunch of people who got to see a view their never forget! Lets just say the words that first came out of my mouth fit the situation pretty well "Oh sh*t!"

Beautiful pictures, and as always love reading your posts!

Tracie said...

You guys are both so beautiful! It sounds like a wonderful night. I wish all schools had proms like this. So special for the kids and families.

tiffrutherf said...


Richelle said...

Precious and beautiful! So glad you all enjoyed the prom!

Nancy C said...

This reminds me how good people and the world can be.

Alicia DiFabio said...

LOL!!! That is so funny! (well, im sure not so funny at the time). When my daughter was running across the golf course in the picture on my blog, I left out the part about how her dress fell down and she totally flashed the poor guy on the putting green!! LOL.

Amy said...

CB is so beautiful in her prom dress! I got teary eyed reading this post. It was just so wonderful..

blackknightsbrood said...

The pictures are just beautiful. She is beautiful. These are moments and memories to be treasured.
And I love your sense of humor.

Catherine said...

What a gorgeous dress. What a beautiful prom, beautiful girl. I am happy for CJ and you.

Mama Deb said...

Agh! You always make me cry!!

This was so lovely to read about--poop and all.

You two are beautiful human beings :)

Christy said...

OMG I'm laughing so hard right now! That golf run picture is priceless. And you my dear are GORGEOUS! I love your dress just as much as I love hers! What a great night. I hope that once she graduates from this school, you'll be allowed to attend the prom as an alumni. You should mention that. :)

Hope to see you soon girlfriend!

RobynC said...

I'm wiping away tears as I read this. What a beautiful night for CB and you and your family. I can feel the joy of a "normal" night of just being yourself and CB being herself and you just all enjoying it. We spend so much of our time trying to make our unusual children fitting into "normal" society, when those poor kids never got the rule book. It's nice when we can just relax and stop trying to fit in with the typical kids. This post brought me so much joy. Can't wait 'til K is old enough for BDC prom.

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