Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Hope everyone had a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

My husband's symptoms of Lyme Disease have abated, though he's still finishing his course of antibiotics. His energy is back, thank goodness, though I can't say the same for me as I dragged through the weekend. Far too much sun I think. The sun really drains you. We spent most of the weekend at the community pool and ended the weekend with 2 cookouts: the G rated family one and a PG-13 one with friends ending Monday night at midnight. We're such rock stars.

Back to the daily grind. The countdown to a long weekend in Portland, Maine with my husband begins.... 8 days to go. Let's just hope this trip doesn't get thwarted like the Floridian debocle. I have 2 spa days already scheduled. I'll walk there if I have to.


Maggie May said...

pools and cookouts are IT over the summer.

Elizabeth said...

Those girls are dolls. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your next getaway from your husband. I hope there's nothing funny to report, actually, only boring ease and rest.

Tracie said...

Cute pic! I did nothing this weekend. Here's hoping you get that trip. I know you need it.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Glad to hear that your husband's feeling better, and I'm pulling for you with the trip! The spa days MUST happen!

tulpen said...

OH, a PG-13 cookout sounds awesome!!

My son had Lyme a couple summers ago. sucked. ended up on IV antibiotics for a freaking month.

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