Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taking Flight: Portland Bound

After the botched attempt to celebrate Valentine's Day in Florida my husband and I are trying "Take 2" of a trip sans children. Our destination: Portland, Maine. He has already taken flight and I will be heading there tonight. So far, I've been at the Pediatrician's office at 8:00 am this morning with Tink who has had a fever of 103 since yesterday complaining of a headache, tummy ache and more recently that her "gyna" hurt and it felt like hot lava was coming out of it. And when I say gyna I'm talkin' 'bout the V-gyna. As suspected, she has a significant bladder infection (not UTI... full blown bladder infection). So it's off to the pharmacy then onto 4 other errands then home to get Pink off the bus and meet my in-laws who take them back to North Jersey then I promptly drive to CB's school and cart her 2 hours round trip to Maryland and back to head home and finish packing (it's pouring rain this entire time mind you)to head into Philly right at Rush Hour on the night of the Flyers play-off game to park the car, get the shuttle and get on my flight. Tomorrow I'll be glad I did all this as I get my spa treatment at the Regency Hotel in historic downtown Portland, but right now I'm just hoping I get there in one piece and still wondering if it's really worth all this hassle.

Off to play grown up for a 4 day weekend! Ciao!


Kim said...

It's worth it! Have fun!

(from someone who has never had a kid free vacay!)

sheree said...

Oye! You'll get there in one piece, I am sure and it will be marvelous! Enoy yourselves!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

It's definitely all you! The spa awaits!

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