Saturday, June 5, 2010

tHERsDay (on Saturday)- Sweet 15


Yes, those are TastyKake cupcakes. Sue me.

Obviously they were getting scarfed down. This is the Rella Monster. Need I say more?

Do I look like I have a 15 year old? Actually, yes. Oh well. Wouldn't trade it for all the youthfulness in the world.

My four little girls. One not so little anymore. Sister Power!!

The clock radio was a hit. Doesn't take much to make my girl happy. And THAT is one of the many wonderful reasons she's NOT the typical 15 year old.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. I love you!


Sunday said...

What is it CB loves about the clock radio? There are so many questions like that I would love to ask my boys about things that seem to simple to you and I but to them are truly masterful!

Alicia DiFabio said...

CB has been infactuated with her sister's clock radio... mostly its the radio/music part... she loves to screw around with the stations, sometimes even listening to static. I think she likes the visual of the LCD lights too. She kept obsessing over my 4 year old's Barbie clock, so I thought I'd buy one for her. She loves it!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday CB! It's the best feeling when you find a gift they truly, truly like isn't it?!

Elizabeth said...

Happy 15th Birthday! All your girls are adorable.

Nancy C said...

You are lovely, as are your girls. Tasty Kake looked like a big hit!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Happy Birthday to CB! That looks like a fun party, and I'm glad she loves her gift!

erika said...

Happy birthday CB! There is nothing wrong with those cupcakes. Izzy's first birthday cake was a giant Sturbucks cupcake. So there. She doesn't eat by mouth so she was in heaven licking the chocolate frosting.

And actually, no, you look more like sisters.

Miz Dinah said...

Looks like she had a good day. Happy birthday to your sweet teenager.

Barbara said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CB! mmm tasty cakes, sounds delicious! Love the gift idea, I wonder if my daughter would enjoy one, anything blinking, with lights and noise is a winner in her book :)!

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