Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Jersey is still covered with snow.  It's been too cold to melt the past barrages of storms.  While this weekend many went outside to build snowmen, forts, igloos and go sledding, we only braved the cold to go up to Northern Jersey to visit family on Saturday.  We have a wonderful tradition of celebrating everyone's birthday with a family dinner and cake. 



They tend to get a bit backed up though, so we celebrated four birthdays; the January and February contingencies.  It's always an all day event as it is a 2 hour drive.  Plus, we don't see everyone that often, so it's nice to just block off the whole day while we can.  Before the kids activities supercede all traveling.  Before our busy lives get even more complicated.  For now, we enjoy the time we have to spend. 

This is our back yard at sunrise.  You can see the colors of rainbow sherbert peeking through the lattice of trees, but trust me. This image does not do real life justice. 

Sunday should have been productive. Or fun.  Or snow-filled.  I suppose the problem is that I do not care for Winter, cold and snow. I loathe cold weather sports and activities. I detest skiing, sledding, ice skating and if you want to see me super peeved, try getting me in a snowball fight.  The girls, too young to entertain themselves without adult supervision and guidance outdoors, just haven't taken a liking to being out in the snow either.  They get all dressed for it, but neither Dr. Fab nor myself venture out with them, so 28 seconds later they are back in feeling cold and bored. 

I know I'm robbing them of a critical part of their youth.  I see them turning into homebody couch potatoes before my eyes. Tink cries if we have to go out anywhere because she's "too tired and just wants to stay home." What have I created?  Some of my friends have their 6 year olds in 3 activities at once.  My 6 year old does Daisies.  And... yeah, that's it. My 10 year old niece is in about 876 activities between girl scouts, swimming, singing lessons, church choir, church group, and the list goes on and on.  That does not include socializing and homework.  We. Do. Nothing.  I should be bundled up, tobogganing down a hill all afternoon, laughing with glee, making snow angels and building forts. But they play so well together inside - finally!  I'm starting to see the pay off of having 3 kids so close together.  I'm banking on the rest of the years being worth the first 4 of utter mayhem and chaos! This gang can create whole make believe worlds of pretend and occupy themselves for hours.  Sometimes.  Eventually they start fighting.  Most of the time,they drive me nuts and clamor for T.V. just like every red blooded American kid.  At least they aren't trying to drag me outside.  We're all happier where it's warm.  Besides, no one owns snow pants or snow boots anyway. 

So we were totally lame this weekend.  It was a quiet Sunday.  Reading. Writing. Researching. 


I have a bunch of irons in the fire and not enough hours in the day.  But that is okay.  Slow and steady wins the race. Perhaps we're not most jet-setting, active, on the go, metropolitan people.  But, we're living a good life.  Sometimes it's just nice to appreciate the quiet and calm of not much to do.


6 comments: said...

Being over-scheduled is the pits.

I say less is more. Good for you!

Elizabeth said...

It looks relaxing and peaceful. Except for the cold and snow, perfection!

kario said...

To each his own. Nobody ever died saying they wish they had worked more, but most of us wish we had had more lazy Sundays hanging out with our families.

And sometimes the most beautiful thing about cold and snow is that it's outside your door while you're inside, cozy and warm.

stagerat said...

I think that Dude and Raine want to move to your house... or send me there for re-programming. They seem to have zero problem with your kind of schedule.

Maggie May said...

I hear you. This is the same thing that happens to me at times. I am not going to let it happen the same way with my younger kids, I admit, because with my oldest, I feel that too much free time directly contributed to his lack of being more involved with life at sixteen. He's too aimless and that leads to trouble.
Sorry to sound so dour! :), it's just my experience. I'm trying to find a balance for my kids between down time and making sure they stay engaged and interested in all life has to offer.

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

i agree with you too... about how if we don't engage our kids in life, they can end up disconnected and seemingly without "direction" or motivation when they hit the teen years. its all about balance :). its so hard to FIND the balance though bc there doesnt appear to be much middle ground, ya know? its like, if i have 3 kids, and they each do 2 things, suddenly, there are SIX activities to balance after school and on the weekends and now its like anarchy! i think it works well when you have help with carpooling etc, but unfortaunately i dont have any neighbors or people to car pool with yet :(. mb in the future :) ugh... its all so complicated! lol!

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