Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I think there was a Super Bowl this weekend.  I didn't even know who was playing until 5 minutes before the game started.  Dr. Fabulous read a book with the game on mute while the females of the household paid no attention.  I am ashamed to say I seriously don't even know who won.  If I ask Dr. Fab, I'm sure he'll know.  Though obviously it wasn't important enough to him to give a shout out about the winning team post-game.

As you can see, we are not a football family.  Or baseball, or hockey, or any sport really.  You will not find a "man cave" in our home complete with sports memorabilia.  Oh, wait, I remember.  We do watch the World Cup in Soccer. Once every six years.  It ironically always seems to fall on Pink's birthday party. 
So, Sunday was not all about the football.  I spent the day couponing, making meat sauce, reading, doing art projects with the kids....



...and recovering. 

Recovering from what you didn't ask?  From my exploits on Saturday.  We went to see my brother and sister in law for a family party at their new home in Hershey, PA.  The ride ended up being an extra hour due to traffic, so it was three hours total which wasn't a biggie at all.  The reason I mention the length of the ride will become clear in a bit.  I know, you're on pins and needles. 

It was a great party.  We were the only ones who brought sidekicks under the age of 6.  They were very well behaved, thank goodness.  Rella of course got her head stuck in the banister, because what kid doesn't try to shove their big ole noggin through wooden spindles at some point.  But other than her brief humiliation, all was good. I even made a new friend! 

We then hit Chocolate World.



Hershey Park itself was closed, but Chocolate World was doing business.  Our first event was to take the free tour which involves getting on a little train ride and winding through a simulation of how chocolate is made at the factory.  Upon getting off said ride, I threw my back out. 

Obviously, this incident dampered the day.  Some kind of stupid pinched nerve in my lower back that felt like I had a cattle prod electrifying me.  But only when I bared any weight on my right leg, moved, sat, stood, laid down, or breathed.  It hurt most when I laughed, which was most annoying because Dr Fabulous kept making me laugh the whole time; making fun of me as I hobbled through Chocolate World like a 104 year old woman.  My hypothesis is that the long car ride messed things up.  My lower back was feeling pretty achy by the end of the party up until that nerve got pinched exiting that fateful ride.  It had felt like someone punched me right in the kidney.  Which was, actually a picnic compared to the blinding, searing pain of a raw nerve ending being clamped deep in your spine. 

At least I was surrounded by chocolate to dull the pain. 


But somehow we only ended up buying the worlds largest Twizzlers instead.  No sense, I know.  My husband doesn't care for chocolate all that much.  One of his only faults, but a MAJOR one in my book. 

The ride home was brutal. Sitting with low back pain is the pits. Sleeping didn't work out so well either. 

So Sunday I took it easy, thanks to Dr. Fabulous who lived up to his well-deserved nickname.  I'm about 50% better today.  No cattle prod, just general discomfort.  Which is good because by Monday it was back to the daily grind:  Grocery shopping, lifting children, wiping tushes, giving baths, cooking, cleaning, and laughing.  Yes, the best thing about today was that laughing no longer hurts.  Thank God, because life is way too funny to be deadpan all the time.


pajama mom said...

all my kids have stuck their heads in the banister at one time or another. by the third kid, i was all, "ah well, of course." while i was figuring out how to get her out, she wriggled the rest of her body through and popped out the other side. genius.

feel better!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry about your back, but you sure made me laugh with this post! I remember going to Hershey as a seventh grader and the whole town seemed to smell like chocolate. Does it really?

I love that photo of your daughter -- her eyes are so bright and soft, at the same time --

stagerat said...

mmmmmmmm... Chocolate.....

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader from the hummingbird blog. I am a newlywed and my husband has a serious health condition (not incapacitating) that should remain stable and not worsen. We don't (yet) have children.

I am wondering why you had your three little ones so far apart in time from your eldest child. Was this happenstance or planned?

Having twins solves certain problems about spacing out the kids, but that's hardly plannable! I am interested in knowing why people choose the spacing they do. Very close together has obvious advantages and yet very far apart also does. We, like you, have a 'preexisting' medical condition to take into account, though they are not completely comparable.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Next time do the Trolley Ride. It's good because not only do you get lots of chocolate on the ride, but they actually talk alot about the Hershey School. Before this I had no idea that most of Hershey's profits (and all the profits from stuff like Hershey Park) go to support what is in effect a world class orphanage where the kids get raised in small loving group homes and Hershey pays for them to go to college. It's really quite amazing.

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

Hi Anonymous,
Sorry I've taken a few days to get back to you -- I hope you will still check back! My first child is almost 10 years apart from my second because I got a divorce from her dad. Basically, when she was about 5 we sepearated... only had one child for those 5 years bc she had significant special needs, I was in a full time doctoral program, and most importantly, I had fallen out of love with him and prob. unconsciously didn't want more kids with him. After our divorce, I met someone else and we eventually married. As soon as we got married, we had 3 kids close together bc of my "advanced maternal age" LOL! So, it was life's logistics that caused the odd spacing.

Good luck with everything with your husband. Pls feel free to keep in touch via comments or my email (under the contact me tab). Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation, Alicia. I didn't realize there were two marriages. For now we are making no decisions but are going to see if my husband's health stabilizes, improves or worsens.

Miz Dinah said...

Ooooooh Chocolate World! And that Great Wall of Reece...mmmmm...

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