Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up, Mother's Day Style

This weekend was glorious.

Mother's Day weekend began with CB's prom friday night. I will devote a post to that soon. But for now, here's a teaser of my beautiful, almost 16 year old, daughter.

Saturday I spent the day with my mother getting tea at the local tea house and then walking through the quaint downtown, meandering through the antique shops.

While I was spending my day childless, Dr. Fabulous was out buying Pink a new bike.  This meant that Tink got Pink's old bike, complete with new training wheels and a new bell.  They spent all day outside showing off after I returned home. 

Okay, Rella got a bit left out.  She'll survive. 

So stoked to be rockin' some summer gear.

We also discovered about 200 tadpoles in an enormous puddle in the empty lot next to our house. 

Of course, by Sunday the water was evaporating, threatening the lives of the tadpoles.  With no rain in sight for about 5 days, don't you know Dr. Fabulous was filling that puddle with wheel barrels of water.  How could he not?  The girls had named all 200 of the infant froggies!
Mother's Day proper kicked off at our favorite restaraunt, Blue Plate, in our cute downtown followed by church then ending with a drive out to Auburn Road Vineyards (my new obsession).  We spent the rest of the day meandering through the vineyards and hanging out.  It was a fun surprise for Pink to see a few schoolmates there whos moms I also know, so the girls got to run around with friends while the grown ups got to chat while sipping Pinot Grigio on the flagstone porch under a beautiful pergola. 


It was the kind of Mother's Day weekend you just can't buy in stores, always fits just right, and that you never want to return.  That kind of perfect. 


kario said...

Beautiful! So glad you had a lovely weekend. And I can't wait to hear about prom! CB looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the photos.

Elizabeth said...

What wonderful photos of you, looking all peaceful and skinny and beautiful -- and those girls! Oh, those girls (including the beautiful teaser of CB).

DeeAnn said...

I don't know where you live, but it's beautiful and so are your girls!

stagerat said...

I'm guessing you're digging the new camera.... good shots, for a great day.

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