Friday, March 2, 2012

Freestyle Friday

I'm Freestyling this Friday...

I love CB's school for many reasons, one being the darling teacher's aides love to do things to her hair I could only dream of.

Neighbors are coming!  So excited for J and B to move in next to us.  
We couldn't ask for better.

After listening to a presentation by a nutritionist this week, I have thrown out my non-stick pans (literally, in the garbage.  Sorry landfill.) and traded my sodas for selzer which probably is still not as good as drinking regular water, but I need my bubbles from time to time.

I wonder what the nutritionist would say about Rella gnawing on her filthy Bubby all day.  I think it's time for a washing.  It used to be pink and white.  

My camera isn't this bad. I just like that the picture captures her 
perpetual motion perfectly.  

I can't tell you how happy I am that it's Friday.  I think Pink is stoked too.  
We're all ready for a little bit of R and R.  


kario said...

A good teacher (or aide) is worth their weight in gold, that's for sure. As is a good Friday.

I, too, have given up soda, but can't do without Perrier or San Pellegrino on occasion.

And throwing out your non-stick pans. Bold move. One I've considered, but the alternative is cast iron which is expensive and a pain to store. Maybe I'll do it soon..

bilmoko deals said...

It's siesta time while reading beside a clear window just like this lovely girl.

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