Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I love when a weekend is nice and mellow.  Saturday I dropped my girls and their friend off at the weekly art class in our local college.


Then I kicked off my free two hour block of time with a 4 mile run in a neighboring town.  In the rain.  But, it was nice to have a change of scenery and run around a lake instead of my old familiar route.  And, not have it be at 6:30 in the morning.

Afterward, I refueled with a cup of coffee which isn't really the best post-run beverage, but F* it!  I was kidless and free and I wanted a bleeping COFFEE gosh darn it!

So I drank said coffee which completely dehydrated me but warmed my rain soaked skin and I browsed through a bookstore without purpose which is the best way to be in a bookstore.  If only it was a quaint, used bookstore and not Barnes and Noble it would have been perfect, but whatever.  

Upon returning home, the girls and I had a few hours with Dr. Fabulous before he migrated upstate for his big "Guys Night Out Weekend Away." This Man Night was part of the reason I guilted him into having my Mom Morning.  A fair trade I'd say.  Especially since I'd have to wrangle all 4 of the kids to church alone Sunday morning.  Gulp.

I could tell he meant business when I came home and found him in one of his two "going out" shirts.  I started singing some version of a Bow-Chica-Wow-Wow with accompanying dance that I'm sure looked  looked cooler in my head than real life.  I told him to have fun, stay hydrated, and act like an idiot because if anyone needs to just act like an idiot every now and then its Mr. Straight Lace, Over Conscientious Dr. Fabulous.  And I know he won't, but he'll still have fun which is why I love him.

Speaking of alcohol, thank goodness I hosted Bunco last week because some Bunco playing Goddess left 2 beers (so what if they are Coronas) in my wine fridge (that contains more juice boxes than wine) and that is where the party was this Saturday night!  Rella, seeing my beer on the counter asked me:

"Mom, is dat wine or beard?"

Me:  "It's beer honey."

Rella:  "Mom, beard make you DIE!!"

Me:  "No it doesn't honey.  Don't worry, I'm a grown up and I'm only having a little bit of beer."

Rella:  "How many you dink 'for it make you DIE?"

Me:  "Like hundreds.  Or if you drink it then drive, which I'm not doing and you never EVER do."

Rella:  "Oh, o'tay.  You need dink wine then Mommy, not beard."

Got it.  No beard or I die.

She continued to obsess about it for like, an hour which dampened the beer drinking mood just a tad, but not enough to make me stop.  Then we all watched Cupcake Wars snuggled up on the couch because T.V. is bad for you, but at least you won't die unless you're watching it while drinking too much beard.

I set my alarm Sunday morning at 7:30 am in order to give me ample time to get all 5 of us ready for the 10:30 service. Seems like an excessive amount of "getting ready" time, but you'd be amazed.   I didn't realize I'd be up long before the alarm sounded due Rella using my skull as a pillow half the night.  Which made total sense especially when the other half of the bed was completely free.  Sometimes I think when she sneaks in our bed at 4:00 am to snuggle, she is actually trying to get back in utereo through osmosis.

Regardless, I was a well-oiled machine at church, impressing even myself.  CB was rowdy as usual but what better company in which to be herself.  And they serve wine there, not beard, so Rella approves.


Elizabeth said...

I'm just very impressed that you'd take them all to church A-Lone.

kario said...

Hmmm, "nice and mellow" and getting up three hours before church to get everyone ready to go BY YOURSELF don't compute ;-).

Glad you had the time to yourself and I hope your hubby had a great time, too.

As for me, I'm having a glass of wine right now. No beard for me (at least until menopause, I suspect).

Love the things they say!

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

You'd think I was super religious or something with this commitment to church, but Im actually not. we go every sunday though to give the kids some structure to sunday and emphasize the "thankfulness" and "giving back to those less fortunate" aspect of it. Its like a total ritual the past year and the 2 little ones go to sunday school and it's catholic, so we PAY for the sunday school so God knows my cheap self aint missin' a class!! said...

Wow. You are a machine! I'm impressed with your running, and your beard. LOL

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