Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Philadelphia Flower Show

This is the second year Dr. Fabulous and I have been invited to a cocktail party at the Convention Center which includes tickets to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Normally, I don't think we would go into the city for this, but because we are invited to a really wonderful "pre-show" soiree, it is a real date night.

Entering under a blue wave at the Convention Center.  

For those of you who are are not from around the Philly area, this flower show is epic.  The photos don't do it justice, but I'll give you a little glimpse all the same.  

The theme was Hawaii this year and it felt as if you stepped into a tropical paradise... 
except that it was freezing in there.  The Mai Tais really helped put us in an Island mood.  

E.P. Henry never fails to amaze with a dream backyard hardscape.   

 This is what Dr. Fabulous and I want in our backyard by the tree line, complete with paths through our woods.  Someday.... sigh...

The following cityscape pieces are made from garbage found along the river.  Amazing.  

Hope you enjoyed.  I'll meet you in my backyard pictured below.  Aloha!


Elizabeth said...

Wow. That is outstanding! And the cityscapes made from garbage are just plain inspired! Thanks for sharing them with us -- I'm glad you had a wonderful date night with your man.

kario said...

Yes, please! I suppose if one can't go to Hawaii for real, this is a good second option (complete with mai tais!).

Thanks for sharing.

jennifer said...

This looks amazing! We have family along the Main Line and love visiting. Philly and PA, in general, has so many wonderful sites and events (that don't seem to get as crowded as here in the NYC metro area!)

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