Thursday, March 29, 2012


CB had her first cavity filled on Monday.  One hour of drilling, with her mouth clamped open and being held down. One hour.  Apparently, the dentist said if he drilled any further, she'd need a root canal so he stopped and filled it.  Next time (her dad and I need to discuss first) she might need to have her cavity filled in a hospital under anesthesia.  It's just too much on her and everyone.  

And "next time" is sooner than we think, as Dr. Dentist found a small cavity starting in another molar.  Poor kid.  

Clearly, her dental issues don't stop her from helping herself to snacks. When CB is hungry and no one is in the kitchen, she'll just take a block of raw bacon and bite into it, chew through a plastic package she can't open, or pick up an orange and eat right through the skin.

I don't want to deter her from these small acts of independence,  or eating fruit, but... REEALLLY?  


kario said...

Oh no! That photo of the orange - I get your point.
Here's hoping next time is easier on you all.

Sunday said...

Blech. Orange rind? I remember Noah grabbing a banana once and eating it whole with the peel.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, dear. I recently wrote a post about going to the dentist with Sophie as being my second least favorite thing to do with her (the first being watching her seize).

I'm sorry.

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