Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Sometimes the weekends feel just as busy as the week, 
but there is always time enough to play, enjoy and just hang out
in between the birthday parties and kid activities.  

My niece turned 8 and we celebrated in Philly at her Dad's workshop.  
Pink was obsessed with the wood shop, hanging out with the "men" over at the tool table...

While Dr. Fabulous hung out with the ladies by the food.  
He's such a manly man, which is why I adore him.  

Happy Birthday to my hilarious, original, quirky niece -  Pink's lil 'Partner In Crime.' 

 I know 8 will be great!  Though she looks like she'll need some convincing...

1 comment:

kario said...

What fun! I love hearing your stories of extended family. Makes me wish mine were closer.

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