Friday, June 22, 2012


There are many reasons I love June.  It's the month that school lets out and summer begins.  It's the month of our wedding anniversary.  It's the month the pool opens and the first "official" day of summer rings in.  This year, it is the month we take our big vacation.  

June is a time of wrapping up and slowing down; of graduations, achievements, recitals, and awards.  A time where I can reflect as a mother on how much my girls accomplished over the course of 10 months.  June is a month of great pride.  

We've had our graduations and prom, both of which I've already highlighted.  

This week, Rella received her little trophy for dance class and Pink finished up her Girls On The Glow semester with a big "Track and Field Day."  

It was so nice to have Pink and Tink out of school super early this year so that they could come and watch Rella's ceremony.  Pink, in particular, is almost as proud as a Momma.


I wasn't sure how Pink would fare at her track events.  She started out in the hundred meter dash and took second in her heat.  

But the best part was seeing her smiling as she ran.  It should be fun folks.  It should always be fun.

The cheering section.

Her second event was the quarter mile which is one lap around the track.  For anyone who has ever run track, the quarter mile is deceivingly difficult.  It is not quite short enough for a full out sprint, but not quite long enough to pace yourself.  So, basically you have to almost sprint most of it and fully sprint the last bend to the finish line.  When I ran track I really loathed this event.

The kiss of death is coming out of the gate too strong, so I worried...

Pink started out in third place...

... then caught the second place girl on the last bend...

But the girl in the lead was fast!  Pink came in second place and I think surprised herself.

Every girl participating in the events today gave their all, finished strong, and no one gave up.  It was a great night.  The best part was not feeling proud of my little girl for doing her best, but seeing the pride on her OWN face.  

So, this is totally short and sweet because I am still in the process of packing for our 2 week vacation to the mountains.  Just wanted to post a little something before my 2 week blogging-hiatus and hope you all check back here after the fourth of July weekend.

Enjoy the next few weeks of summer! I know we will, because we'll be here.... Aaaahhhhh.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, what wonderful photos of your girlies! And I hope you have a beautiful, restful fantastic vacation. Can't wait to hear all about it!

kario said...

Yay! I love watching my girls find pride in their own hard work - too fun!

Have a terrific time in the mountains and come home rested and ready to tackle the rest of summer. Journey mercies.

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