Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: 40 and Father's Day

This weekend was a very special celebration of Father's Day and a Big 4-0.  

Don't ignore the fact that this cake almost caught fire and burned the house down.  

June is the Month O' Dr. Fabulous.  First his birthday, then Father's Day, then our anniversary.  
Sheesh, I'm running out of gift ideas.  

We had a simple gathering here with many people we love to welcome Dr. Fabulous into the next decade of life.  

He and I met when he was 25.  A babe in the woods... 
until this cougar came along.  

Only someone as grounded and centered as Dr. Fabulous could take turning 40 in stride.  He totally didn't care.  It's just a number.  What matters, as far as he's concerned, is where he is in life.  
A beautiful family, lots of good friends, health and happiness.  

And an awesome wife, of course.  

I wish I could have given him a huge celebration with all the bells and whistles 
and tons of expensive gifts, 
yet he's honestly not the type who likes that stuff.  
Time with his family is his top priority and I love that about him.  I love that he's all about being a Dad.   

I love that he's finally 40 so I'm not feeling so much like a cradle robber.  

I love that he is mine and I am his.  That we belong together and are sharing the same story.  
That nothing the Universe can conjure in life or beyond will change that.  

I love that this is the man who will serve as the standard by which my girls will judge their future men.  
I only want them to be as happy as I am when they find true love.  

Elaine S. Dalton said:
The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is love her mother.

So, like, I totally benefit too.  


Elizabeth said...

I have to admit that he is one dang handsome man! Happy birthday to your guy -- and he's a lucky one to have you.

cameramom said...

I feel for you...Mikey's birthday is June 27 so we have alot of gift ideas to come up with in June too..Thank God we got married in September!

kario said...

I love it! It is such a balm knowing that wonderful men like him (and Bubba) exist on the planet and are raising strong daughters and sons. I hope he knows how much he is appreciated and had a terrific celebration.

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