Thursday, June 14, 2012


The first morning of summer vacation with no morning alarm jarring me awake or sandwiches to wrap or buses to catch slipped into our home as quietly as the morning sun.  The day began with dragging all 4 girls to LabCorps where CB became a human pincushion for her periodic blood draw to check liver functioning and medication levels.  Rella played with the water cooler, Pink fell on the linoleum and cried hysterically and Tink almost peed herself. So, it was pretty much your garden variety morning.  

We then proceeded to drive an hour to Maryland with bruises quickly forming on both of CB's pale arms where needles had to be jabbed again and again to get the blood her body didn't want to give up.   
I handed her over to the care of her grandparents in front of the Dunkin Donuts off of Exit 100 and said goodbye to her for 23 days, the longest stretch of time away from us she has all year.  

As I drove the hour back home I felt both the lightness of having one less child under my care, 
and the weight of the space she should occupy.  


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful and powerful post. The entire short piece carried worlds, I think, and that last sentence was perfection.

Richelle said...

How does CB do while she's at her father's? Just curious, because Polly's father lives just a few towns away and she goes there 2 weekends a month. Even though she is returning to the house she grew up in, she can't wait to leave his home and return to ours. She has even gone on sleep and hunger strikes in the last year or so.

Love the picture! She is such a beautiful young lady, and you seem to capture some really great looks with her!

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

hi richelle - honestly, she stays with his parents (her grandparents) and he visits her over there. she is their only granddaughter and they spoil her with love and attention! they take her to the beach, out and about... they do a lot with her. i don't think she's stayed with him for more than a day here or there since we started living in different states almost 10 yrs ago. Her grandparents are amazing and she is very fond of them :) i hope you (and baby) are doing well!!!

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