Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

The stress level around here has been pretty low.  Probably at an all-time low, and I'm not complaining.  It feels like we're kicking into summer mode a bit too soon; losing structure, stretching the moments, bending the rules, kicking off the shoes.

A lot of my personal stress the past several years have been a direct result of the ages of my three youngest girls.  For several years they were all so needy and the act of motherhood was not only highly emotionally draining but also highly physically draining - a lot of chasing, carrying, lifting, manuvering and lots of nights of interrupted sleep.

With their growing independence, I'm slowly gaining my energy and balance and a sense that my body is seperate and distinct from theirs instead of us all being enmeshed into one blob of flesh that cannot co-exist without moving in tandem.

We're trying to do things we love and focus on quality instead of quantity.  Of course, you multiply that by several children and you have quantity whether you were trying to go that route or not.  Regardless, things have been paced enough to enjoy the moments as they happen.

Pink and I did a Mommy and me cake decorating night at a local bakery which was right up her alley.  

I'm supposed to run 6 miles on Sunday in the Mud for the Philly MudRuckus for M.S.  I haven't run anything over 3 miles in about a month so I'm getting a tad panicked... but whatever.  I'm hoping it will be fun, though clearly my idea of "fun" has become quite warped lately.  I'll be with good company, so that's all that matters!  I also heard a rumor that there is cold beer at the end too, so that's enough reason to get drenched in mud and conquer crazy-ass obstacles, right?

As if I can't go down to a local bar and drink a beer nice and clean.

As Tink says "It's all good, yo."  She's picked up this "yo" thing from somewhere and we don't really know what to do with it (other than laugh).

Planning something small for my hubby's landmark birthday and Father's day, both of which are right around the corner, and will be going away in less than 3 weeks!  I honestly have a thousand things to do before then but, I'm keepin' my calm.


Maggie May said...

I love this post. I SO relate to your feelings, and am in the thick of that with Ever being 17 months..but since I know she's my last, I am trying and mostly succeeding in really enjoying it.

Tanya Savko said...

Yay for low stress! Hope it sticks around!

kario said...

Hope the run was terrifically fun and I hope the mellow continues for you all. I love it when I unexpectedly find myself in those places of peace and I have to work really hard not to spend a bunch of time and energy analyzing how and why we got there so I can re-create it some other time. Just enjoying is the ticket!

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