Friday, July 27, 2012

A Good Start To Friday

It's shaping up to be a good day already.  I'm sitting in my office at present typing out this blog after an early morning 3 mile run.  I need to shower at some point, but for now I'm sitting in my own stink, drinking an oatmeal, greek yogurt, honey and fruit shake for breakfast which really isn't half bad.  I'll write my "page and a half" today on my "memoir in 6 months" project and spend some time later this morning "mom crafting" with some friends.  Then, we'll head directly to the pool to beat this heat and because the girls are finally old enough for me to read at the pool... I'll read at the pool.  My current book is a non-fiction entitled "168 Hours - You Have More Time Than You Think" that talks about how we ALL have 168 hours in the week and it's a matter of how you use and prioritize your time.  I like how she calls out all of us who like to say we're "too busy" to do anything but breathe and kindly points out that no, infact, we're not.  We just like to underestimate how much we sleep and watch T.V. and waste time and overestimate the chaos.  Hmmmm.... I'm only about 25 pages in.  We'll see.

I do agree with her though that we all prioritize the things we want to do and need to take ownership of what we don't want to do... is it that we're too busy or that in the 168 hours of the week, we are not consciously or unconsciously planning to prioritize a certain task?

I don't know, but I do know that right now I'm prioritizing days like these - easy, long, and simple.  Days with my girls that will come to an abrupt stop in the Fall and while I look forward to the free time in September I have to say I will miss this sweetness.

I  need to switch gears here to show you the hawks that live around our house.  They are pretty magnificent, more so in real life than they are on film.  This dude was hanging out in our driveway once and just yesterday perching on the top of our house like a protector.  I hope that's a good omen.


kario said...

I hope the day plays out exactly as you wish. Those mornings that start off with us being able to do the things that feed our souls are so important and sublime!

I have a rather special "relationship" with a bald eagle I see quite often and I've come to recognize that he truly is a reflection of what's going on in my life. For me, that hawk is your sign that it's important to protect moments like this. Gorgeous photos!

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

COOL! i saw a bald eagle (in the wild, not a zoo) once in my life when driving through a neighboring small town. he just swooped over the road and I almost crashed staring at him... it was magnificent!!

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