Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Summer usually slips by with lots of big plans, few of which actually come to fruition because we're too busy chillin'.

So, I made a Summer Bucket List, inspired by the blog mom.craft.run.  

1.  Biking in the morning with the girls
2.  Go to the Drive In Movie Theatre
3. Use our homemade ice cream machine
4.  Complete the Children's Summer Reading Program 
5.  Visit the Aquarium
6. Visit Cape May Zoo
7.  Have Breakfast in PJs at the Pop Shop
8.  Day Trip to the Beach
9.  Visit my grandparents
10.  And clearly, learn how to french braid - as you can see below this skill is lacking.

This list doesn't include my own personal Summer bucket list which includes books to be read, organization goals, and completing some home improvement tasks.

We've already checked a few off.  What are your plans for the summer?


kario said...

I have just begun to get somewhat passable at french braiding and now my eldest wants me to learn how to do her hair in a fish tail braid. Ugh.

I always have grand ideas about doing things with the girls like picking berries, making jam, biking and hiking and exploring things like Mt. Rainier and the San Juan Islands, but we only manage to get a few done. The problem with raising bookworms is that they would rather check out a stack of books at the library and lie in the yard reading for hours. Guess that's not so bad...

Tanya Savko said...

A summer bucket list - what a great idea! I've been blessed to have already checked off several fun things - 3 outdoor concerts, 4 trips to the river, 1 weekend getaway to the coast with my boyfriend, and I finished watching X-Files re-runs with Aidan. Next week I'll go wine tasting with my brother and sister, and then visit our mom at Crater Lake Nat'l Park, where she is a Ranger. I'm loving summer!

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

@tanya - whoa, sounds like SUCH a fun summer!! so happy for you :) @kario - im loving the fishtail braid too but gotta take it one step at a time :). Hey and don't down "reading for hours" - that to me spells and excellent summer :)

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