Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

Our Winter Break is going by pretty fast.  The girls of course are off until after the New Year and Dr Fabulous took off all week as well. 
Last Friday through Tuesday were chaotic with traveling, holidays, and activities.  
The "relaxation" part of the vacation did not really kick in until Wednesday.

Pajama Breakfast at the Pop Shop 

Friday, my mom and step-dad took Pink and Tink and their 2 cousins to the Panto Theatre to see a play followed by dinner.  That meant Dr Fab and I had one-on-one time with Rella all day.

Which involved a lot of eating out.

I said to my husband over dinner "Man, one kid is soooo much easier.  Could you imagine?"
We looked at each other and exchanged the same thoughts telepathically.
"No.  No, I can't imagine." he said.
Nor can I.
Of course we can't.  Our crazy, loud, large family is just the way we like it.

A quick trip to the mammoth light display a few towns over from us never disappoints,
even after Christmas is officially over!

It was nice and quiet there with no crowds.  Visiting this block is a family tradition that almost didn't happen this year.  Glad we squeezed it in, even though we were a few kids short and a few days late.


Okay, shifting gears. 

The Beautiful Blogger Award was passed on to me recently by the adorable and inspiring Joy at the blog i can say mama. (THANK YOU SWEETIE!). The award is given from one blogger to another as “a simple way to recognize a fellow writer and celebrate someone else’s accomplishments.” The rules state that recipients post the award on their sites, list seven things about themselves, mention seven bloggers and then pass the award on.  
So, according to these laws of the blogosphere, I will now happily fulfill my bloggy obligations.

Seven (insanely boring) Things About Me

1. My breath is God awful in the morning.  I'm talkin' rancid.  As Dr Fabulous says "Something has crawled into your mouth at night, sh*t itself, and then died." He's highly romantic like that.

2. I HAVE to set my alarm one minute over  the time I want to get up - like 6:01 instead of 6:00, 7:16 instead of 7:15.  Ya know, rational stuff like that. 

3. I sleep with socks on, even in the summer.

4. I was a high school drop-out. True story.

5. I can't drink lukewarm coffee or tea - it needs to be super hot. 

6. I am petrified of horror movies to the point where I have to shut my eyes and plug my ears even during a scary movie trailer.  

7. I love anchovies on my pizza.  Unfortunately, no one else does so I can never indulge in my favorite pizza topping.  

Gosh I'm so interesting.  Anyway, here are some TRULY interesting bloggers with amazing blogs.  These are not the ONLY bloggers I love but I just had to pick seven and tried to pick some of my "newer" finds.  

Seven Insanely Awesome Bloggers 
(which was difficult to do since I love more than seven - I'll get ya'll next time!)

Four plus and angel - Exquisitely written.

Mostly True Stuff -  Funny and real. - Cool crafts, great photos, running/fitness inspiration.

Flux Capacitator - Magnificent poetry and prose.

365 Excuses - A new, down-to-earth blogger!

Yeah. Good Times. - Pee-your-pants hilarious

Now, to "pass it on."  I would like to bestow this illustrious award to one of my favorite blogs, 
 I am always inspired by Kari, a writer and mother with an incredible soul.  
She is Zen.    

And that'll do it!  


icansaymama said...

Thank your for your nice words! :-)

Anonymous said...

Try SmartMouth mouthwash and have Dr. Fab report back. It is really supposed to work on bad breath. It has two liquids you mix together.

Alicia D said...

@anonymous - LOL! never heard of it but i will HAVE to try it. im desperate... and my husband more so. :) thx!

Anonymous said...

Alicia, do report back. SmartMouth was developed by a dentist/microbiologist who made it his life's work. I encountered it at a dental trade show a few years back. I haven't been in a good position to test it out, but it is really supposed to work. I tried to get some friends to test it but they were reluctant to talk about the topic, so I have no meaningful conclusions. Also, for the best result I think you are supposed to use it with a tongue scraper to get the yellowish gunk off. Maybe Dr. Fab can do a guest post when you have put SmartMouth to the test.

Elizabeth said...

I'm dying at your Anonymous comments --who knew? But, really, thank you for the sweet recognition. Coming from you, it's a real honor!

Julie Knapp said...

You are a beautiful blogger bad breath, high school drop out, and all!

Thanks for the shout-out!

It is nice to get a little break and be with one kid for a bit. I find that I AM such a good mom when I just have one with me - I have the patience of a saint and text-book worthy responses to everything. Then they all come home and we get back to our normal craziness which I guess isn't so bad either...

Happy New Year!

kario said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I took a break over the holiday and didn't read blogs, but I'm on this in the next day or so! I am so touched that you chose me for this.

And I love your facts! I'd love to hear the HS dropout story one day...


Alicia D said...

@kari - you deserve all the recognition in the world (more than I could give you here). Your blog is an inspiration and your writing perfection :) xoxo

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