Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years At Nine

There were many places we could have been tonight, but there was no where else in the world I wanted to be than right here at home with my family.  

We do New Years At Nine with a buffet of different favorite appetizers.
The big 'count down' is for 9:00 instead of midnight, and we have a sparkling cider toast in 
champagne flutes.

This year we made a bunch of cute speeches, reflected on 2012 and shared our resolutions and goals for 2013. Tink and Rella were in bed by 9:30 but Pink at the ripe ole age of 8 is trying to stay up 'til midnight this year.  I'm not sure she's going to make it, but it's 10:45 right now and she's still awake snuggled up on the couch next to her Daddy.  

I'm ready to join them.  

Happy New Year and blessings to you all in 2013. 

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