Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Blog Formerly Known As Welcome To My Planet

I've been sitting on this for a while because I'm bad at change.  

I have wanted to rename this blog for close to a year now.  Well, actually I wanted to switch over to WordPress AND change the name of the blog but that was way too intimidating.  I know it might be stupid given that Welcome To My Planet has been out there for over 4 years and that is how everyone knows this blog.  The few publications include references and links to that blog name.

And yet...

It might well be stupid but I just gotta bite the bullet and do it while I'm still completely obscure (as if that might change one day- HA!).

So from this day forward the blog formerly known as Welcome To My Planet is now

*drumroll please*

lost in holland.  

Anyway, if people are wondering WHY, I'll tell ya why.

When I first started this blog I had no idea how to blog and had zero foresight. I thought 'Welcome To My Planet' seemed cute, but at the time I was going for the "funny motherhood" type of blog bordering on irreverent and snarky.  Seems that I'm not really a snarky person at heart so this blog has evolved into its true form as my own voice has developed.  

Secondly, I have worried that 'Welcome To My Planet' sounds a tiny bit derogatory.  Like, because I have a child diagnosed with Autism and cognitive impairments we are on a different planet - like alien creatures.  Not what I'm going for.  I mean I personally am on a different planet but that is because I'm weird, not because of CB's autism.
Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but it just stopped feeling right.  

My husband would say that third, because he loves the name WTMP that I of course have to hate it.  He's full of dumb logic like that.  Whatever, dude.  

Fourth, the new name kicks total butt (no matter what my husband says).  Though Dr Fabulous thinks no one will understand it, I told him to shut his pie hole and start his own blog if he wanted any say in the matter.  People "in the know" will know.  If you are confused, read this and all will be revealed.

So welcome to the same old blog simply renamed just to confuse everyone and potentially f*k up search engines and potentially reroute the little traffic I have away from me.

So when you see changes in the title or possibly in your feeds or blogroll DO NOT PANIC!  It's still me. I swear.  Same great stuff, different name.  

God, I hope I didn't make a huge mistake.
Phew.  I did it.  Finally.


icansaymama said...

I like your new blog name! It just fits perfectly! I think it is a good decisions!

I am a long-time reader of you blog, just never commented before. Just yesterday I had a blog post published because of an old one from you.

Keep up the good writing and the nice atmosphere!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the new name. I like it! I'd visit your planet or Holland I just like keeping it up with you guys :)

Elizabeth said...

I love it!

I love you.

hetha2001 said...

I don't think the old title was derogatory, but I see your point.
Regarding the new title, I get it, I like it.
a neighbor in Holland

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

thanks everyone for this support with the new name (especially those who dont normally comment). My hubs thinks it was a bad mood - he LOVED WTMP!! He said no one will understand what it means but I'm holdin' out that my peeps know all too well :) thank you everyone :)

icansaymama said...

I should say I guess almost everyone of the SN community knows?! ;-)

Richelle said...

Love the new name and new look!

You know, ironically, I always wanted to visit Holland growing up...the tulips and all. We still get some bright days when we catch a glimpse of those beautiful tulips. :)

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