Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's 12/12/12 which is really cool for some reason.  The next time we'll see this date will be in 100 years which means most of us won't actually see it.

Dr Fabulous is watching the Sandy Relief Concert and the kids are sleeping. I'm trying to be productive because all my various projects are converging to hit the fan but the T.V. is blaring right next door and I'm totally distracted though I'm supposed to be working.

I'm having a great week.  A really great week in terms of my "professional" (I use that word loosely) life and personal goals. Had a bunch of article submissions accepted for publication, my consulting work is going great, and I randomly just scored a gig as a freelance writer.  More on all of that later.  

Perhaps it was my happy soul at work this morning when I made the perfect omelet.  I mean perfect.  Like, seriously beautiful.  I couldn't believe this thing.  I've been making eggs for over 2 decades and - more to the point - I flat out suck in the kitchen.  But there it was, sliding out of the pan onto my ordinary breakfast plate - the perfect thickness, the perfect fold, the perfect ratio of goat cheese to egg.  Man, this thing should have been in a magazine.  I told Pink I wasn't sure if I was even gonna let her eat it.  But I did, eventually.  After I took a picture (I'll spare you).

If you knew how horrible my egg making skills were you'd know why I was going on and on about this.  The train wreck of my omelets are the butt of many cooking jokes in the family.

"What did you do differently?" asked Dr. Fabulous as I very non-humbly strutted around the house pontificating on my superior omelet.  I think I totally dethroned him and his "Mr. Perfect Pants Omelet Making" self.  

"You know, I did nothing.  I just let it sit until it was ready."

Usually I stand over the eggs, messing with them.  Usually I get overzealous and put too many eggs in the pan and it's too thick.  Usually I'm impatient and multi-tasking, fiddling and rushing and not giving them their due time.

I gave that omelet its time and its space.  I let it sit and come together, and that's all it needed.  Which basically sums up this awesome week for me.  Everything we create needs its time to unfold.  These things can't be rushed and sometimes years of both dreaming AND hard work with nothing to show but a string of hot messes might someday, somehow, start to finally pay off.  (Or else I just jinxed myself).


Julie Ann Knapp said...

Congrats on all your successes this week (in and out of the kitchen)!

Elizabeth said...

No jinxes. I just knocked wood three time.

icansaymama said...

Tee hee, congrats on your perfect omelette and all the other things you succeeded in! :-)

I also love the conclusion in your last paragraph. You are so right about that!

kario said...

Love it! Can't wait to hear about the writing successes, too!

Alicia D said...


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