Thursday, December 20, 2012

tHERsDay and Mamalode

I drove CB to Maryland today for her 2 week vacation with her father and grandparents.  We alternate Christmases and this is their year.  It snuck up on me so fast.  I felt like the little parking lot hug wasn't a satisfactory goodbye.  In the wake of this past week, holding my four babies closer than ever, this parting made my emotions unravel like a spool of thread, trailing down the NJ Turnpike.

Somewhat appropriately, a personal essay of mine was published on Mamalode Magazine today.  

It is similar to a piece I wrote here many years ago 
so the "old timers" to this blog might remember it.  

Nonetheless, I'd appreciate a moment to click over and read (or glance).  
Apparently, if I get 200 visitors, they'll pay me!  
Not that it matters that much, but I'm a girl who won't turn down cash.  
So shameless.  

Enjoy your Thursday!

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kario said...

I hope CB has a lovely time with her father and you guys have a glorious holiday, too. I'm heading to your Mamalode article right now ;-). We writers have to stick together.

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