Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Have No Business In The Kitchen

Last night I made London Broil and instead of cooking it in the BROILER... I baked it.  
So stupid.  

The funny thing was I didn't realize my mistake until it was on the table with everyone drooling as 
Dr. Fabulous carved the incredibly rare meat.  I think it moo'ed. 

"Wow, I cooked it 7 minutes on one side and 6 minutes on the other just like always!" I said shocked and returned it to the oven only to then realize... duh.

Then, after actually BROILING it (go figure, you actually broil a london broil) I placed it back on the serving platter and put the hot glass casserole dish into the sink, turned on the water to let it soak 


 That is a full size lasagna/casserole dish.  

It smashed into a bazillion tiny pieces with a frighteningly loud pop.  It was then that I remembered another thing I already know... don't put cold water into a hot glass pan.

I could break into metaphor here, but... I have little energy.  I'm certain you can use your imagination.

I was not myself yesterday.  Or the day before.  For a few days actually.  

Today I finished shopping for Christmas and felt small pockets of joy.  Avoiding the news yesterday helped me sleep better.  Unfortunately, I re-visited facebook a bit prematurely.  My mistake.  Everyone is entitled to share their opinions (though I've personally never been one to get opinionated on facebook) so I need to continue to avoid that for a bit longer before I either lose some friends or my sense of faith in this world never stops hemorrhaging.  

Deep breaths.  Focus on love.  

CB is going to Maryland tomorrow until after the New Year.  I don't know whether to do her gifts tonight before she leaves or when she returns.  Not sure.  Dr. Fabulous isn't home until very late tonight and I don't want to leave him out.  

I'm baking egg nog pound cake which smells pretty delicious.  

CB thinks so too apparently, though she'd never eat the stuff. 

I have to wrap small gifts for 7 bus drivers/aides, 6 teachers, 6 teacher's aides, 1 speech therapist, and a partridge in a pear tree.  

I hope they don't think I'm too cheap.  That's a lot of people.  

Six days left if you celebrate Christmas.  
It's not as joyous as usual, but I'm feeling blessed.


Elizabeth said...

Except for the Maryland part, I feel your pain with the all the partridges in the special needs pear tree.

And the rest of your post was very sweet and amusing -- I think your exploits in the kitchen are awesome!

icansaymama said...

I just recently killed the glass lid of on of my pots in a similar way! :-)

icansaymama said...

Oh, and I really like your giveaways! They look very nice!

kario said...

The myriad gifts for important people always slay me. I love that these people help shepherd my kids through their days, but I struggle with the cost and the sheer number of people and wondering what they already have that I might be duplicating (or what everyone else is getting them). I am certain, in the end, that they understand the spirit those gifts are given with, though, and your efforts are highly appreciated.

As for the London Broil, I'm certain that you redeemed yourself with that gorgeous pound cake! Enjoy it and have a glorious holiday!

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