Thursday, December 13, 2012

tHERsDay and A Publication

I was all excited at dinner last night, basking in the nerdy glory of my string of articles that were accepted for publication, two of which were personal essays. 

 "CB is your muse," Dr Fabulous said. 

She sure is.  That's my BABY!!

I am happy to be a contributing freelance writer to! My first piece about the effects of background T.V. on children is up today and I would feel all sorts of awesome if you'd "click over" - even if you don't care to read it, a simple little click to the article real fast would make my day!

Check out!  It is a great resource for all women - single girls or mothers, the young and the mature!  It is chock full of everything from fashion trends and celebrity gossip to parenting, special needs issues, and advice.  Oh, and... now ME!


icansaymama said...

That's so cool, Alicia! Congrats once again! I will just hop over and read it!

kario said...

Yay you!

Elizabeth said...

can't wait to read it -- I'm so glad that you took the plunge and submitted your beautiful writing. May this be the first of many publications for your work!

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