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Home Office Decorating Tips: A Guest Post

I love to decorate AND to save money doing so.  Therefore, I am pleased to feature a sponsored guest post* from Coupon Code Zone with tips and suggestions for decorating a beautiful and useful home office on a budget. 
(Oh, and I added some of my own pictures just because!)


Decorating A Home Office 
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A home office is an important part of any house, so making it inviting and comfortable to work in is a worthwhile task. Here are some ideas to create a personalized work space. 

To decorate a home office, first ask yourself two questions - 

What purpose will the office serve? 
Who is using it?  

The office is used by ME.  It's where all the magic happens - if "magic" is a small blog, a tiny writing career, facebooking, pintresting and emailing.  

Once you understand the function of the space and who will be enjoying it, you can create a space that is both beautiful and enhances productivity.

Decorating A Creative Home Office

If you have a job that requires creativity such as a graphic artist, interior designer, or fashion designer, a workspace that inspires creativity is best. The perfect colors for a creative home office are bright, inspirational colors in citrus shades such as orange, lime, or lemon.

  Consider using eclectic furniture for your home office which will enhance your creativity. A spacious and comfortable workplace also fosters creativity. Therefore, when you decorate, remember to provide open storage solutions and table space.

We have modern furniture but love to mix old and new.  This distressed shelf that belonged to my grandmother held up by two cast iron railroad spikes brings uniqueness with function.  

Decorating a Studious Home Office

If you are professional or student, you may prefer a serious workplace that minimizes distraction and help you stay focused on your work. Use dark colors like olive, brick red, and navy.  As you often spend long periods of time in a studious workplace, a comfortable reading chair, along with proper task lighting will make you feel comfortable. Target is a good place to look if you want to find those items, and remember to find a suitable coupon to save on your purchase. 

My diplomas are collecting dust somewhere, but I do have my metal from my 10-miler.  One day I hope to have my Half-Marathon metal hanging next to it.

Hang your awards, certificates, and diplomas around your desk to remind you of goals and accomplishments. To avoid being too separated from the world, you should bring a “breath of fresh air” like plants, a fish bowl, and family photos.

Decorating a Calming Home Office
If you need an oasis in which to do your work, a calming home office is your best choice. Consider softer, soothing colors of muted blues, pinks, greens or sandy neutrals. Pair with light-colored woods to create a ‘beach-like’ atmosphere. 

Select simple and environmentally friendly furniture that give you peace of mind. Situate your desk near a window, if possible, or add a vase of fresh flowers to bring the outdoors, indoors. has lots of great choices and with an  Overstock coupon, you can also save your budget when shopping there. 

A great article on decorating the right home office for your needs - along with other great ideas for refreshing different rooms in your home - can be found here at   HERE

* Compensation was received for featuring this guest post.  


Nicole Feliciano said...

Love this post! We shared it on Friday Finds where we're wrapping up top organization trends.

Andria @ Office space in Singapore said...

I can make my home office more comfortable and beautiful with these decorating tips. Thanks a lot.

Jens F. Mortensen said...

Creating personalised workspace is made easier with the help of your tips. Knowing its purpose and who will be using your space are indeed helpful questions before making any decorating project. Thanks.

Alfie Dixon said...

A creative and organised workspace would definitely help your artistic side flow. Thank you for sharing your helpful tips.

Fariha Sultana said...

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