Monday, January 7, 2013

Who's That Lady?

I had a great weekend visiting my family in Pennsylvania on Saturday and hanging out with an old graduate school friend from Maryland on Sunday.  She was actually very good friends with both Dr Fabulous and I (in our wedding as well) so we went on a double date which involved consumption of very fine wine, a table full of apps, and lots of laughing.

This wonderful weekend was shamefully picture-less.  
I got nothin'.

Fortunately, I did have my camera when I spotted an obvious celebrity at the Shop Rite today.  

Notice the jumbo-sized goldfish box.  She must be rich.  

I tried to get her autograph
but her hands were full.  

 Hope your Monday was thrilling as mine!

I should have known it would be when Tink's shirt predicted it all this morning:


Elizabeth said...

I think I saw her once on Beverly Drive!

kario said...

Excellent! My Monday was particularly awesome given that my girls finally went back to school after more than two weeks off. I got the house to myself and was so productive i couldn't believe it!

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