Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kicking Off The New Year

Happy 2013!

CB is home after 12 days away in Maryland.

She was looking good and apparently had a great time.  
Unfortunately, we kicked off the New Year with a little fender bender on the way to pick her up but hopefully that isn't an omen for the rest of the year.  

Since we had to pick up CB today, a day earlier than originally scheduled, we decided not to go up to North Jersey as per our annual tradition.  That's just a heck of a lot of driving in two separate directions.  Instead, we cooked a New Years Day dinner here and ate in our pajamas.  

 and even had a little house guest (our buddy next door)

I pulled out the good china and silver because, that's what it's there for.  To use even when there isn't any company to impress.  To use and make something ordinary into something special.  

CB got to open more Christmas presents from all her family, though she kept trying to escape as it wasn't holding her interest.  She mostly received practical things like clothes and bed sheets but my brother was a huge hit with a giant Kush Ball.  

Glad to have the noisy girl back home though it is a bit of an adjustment, I must admit.  

 I'm already trying to mentally adjust to tomorrow when we're all back to the grind.  Dr Fabulous has been off since last Friday and it has been heavenly having him around.  We've been sleeping in, putzing around, shopping, and organizing around the house.  A few days we never got out of our pajamas.  
I'm not looking forward to setting the alarm for 6:15 am for 'back to school and work.'

At least it will be a short week.  

Let 2013 Begin! 

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kario said...

Happy New Year! Glad CB is back home and you're all together.

I love that you used the china. I've used ours twice in 18 years and am right now trying to sell it on Craig's List because I've decided it holds less sentimental value for me than the memories of the crazy dinners we've had on our everyday dishes.

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