Tuesday, January 8, 2013

La Befana

So, our Christmas decorations are all still up.  We keep them up until January 6th, the Epiphany, and celebrate the coming of La Befana.

As you may have noticed, it is January 8th, not the 6th.  We didn't have our act together on the 6th.  Or the 7th. The good things about little kids is they have no idea when the Epiphany IS and were happy to see a small, wrapped gift under the tree from La Befana.

La Befana is Italy's beloved old crone - the Christmas witch who comes on the Epiphany. Italian legend has it that La Befana lived on the road that the three wise men journeyed upon on their way to see Baby Jesus.  The wise men stopped to ask her for directions, food and shelter.  Apparently, she was even asked if she would like to join them on their journey but she was too busy to even talk to them.

Later on she changed her mind, and gathered gifts for Jesus.  She traveled alone, following the star, but never found the Christ Child.  So, she still travels on her broom to this day stopping at every child's home and leaving a gift (or coal if they have been naughty - sound familiar?)

Apparently La Befana shops at Best Buy now (note big fat price tag I neglected to take off of DVD).

The girls loved their joint gift - The Sound Of Music which is one of their favorite movies.

Happy La Befana.  I think I can take my tree down now.  Or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi! recently came across your blog, from someone's blog roll, you have a real talent for writing, and especially endearing about you is the fact that you always try to look and sound happy, though I m sure your life's not easy with 3 small kids and CB being a handful. loved the way you enjoy everyday ''small'' pleasures, and take delight in your children, and thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of your children. they are all adorable, somehow I find CB esp. endearing, probably b'cos my daughter resembles her(funny how we...or is it just me?... love people who bear a resemblance to a loved one or share the same name). anyway a wonderful blog and more importantly a very interesting one. take care. shazia all the way from India.

Julie Ann Knapp said...

In the same boat I always keep my tree up till after the Epiphany and this year it still lingers...

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful story and even better tradition that you've continued! I'm a little jealous --

I had to laugh at your woe about the Christmas decorations still up. This year was the first that mine came down right around the 6th, but that's only because my two boys are now old enough to do most of it. In fact, I've decided that the purpose of boys is to do something like dismantle Christmas!

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