Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Leaving The House

Rella throwing a snowball at my face that was luckily protected by a window in the 16 degree weather.

Here's how it goes whenever I try to leave the house in the evening.
There are always at least 2 people who poop. 
One is CB - always - within 20 minutes before I must dash. 
Her parting gift.
Someone always needs toilet paper or assistance in the bathroom in 
some way, shape or form.
Dinner is never thought out in advance, so I'm trying to whip it together
while finishing up homework, wiping butts, breaking up squabbles
frenetically picking up the house.

Dr Fabulous is never home on time.
No matter how much advance notice I give him.
But I love that man.  And he tries.  

He's always racing in the door on his cell finishing up a work call
which is why he has been ignoring my "Where the Bloody Hell Are You?" texts.

Somewhere along the line I'll realize that I've forgotten to even look at myself in the mirror since 
the morning let alone brush my hair or put on make-up 
(which only involves application of under-eye concealor and chapstick). 
I'll still be wearing the sweatshirt I slept in the night prior. 

I'll try to run from the house with two little ones clinging to my legs
literally, clinging
and an 8 year old whining and crying that she'll miss me so much
while CB continues on with her stims unfazed.

Sometimes I'll come home late, sometimes early.
Sometimes I'll have to run to the grocery store on the way home in the below freezing weather 
to get Godforsaken cannoli's for Pink's presentation the following morning because 
even though I bought Pizzelle cookies earlier, apparently that is what the other girl doing Italy also decided to bring and so now here I am...

Sometimes as soon as I crawl into bed CB will start having a seizure 
or Rella will climb into bed with us at 2:00 am.
But there are nights where I'll sleep soundly, as I did last night.

Even though it always feels like a colossal pain in the butt, 
when I can escape even if only for a few hours, 
it is usually worth it.

She obviously thought that was funny.  

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kario said...

Sending you love and light. It is only in the last year or so that I have realized that there has been a huge shift in our house and everyone can wipe their own bottom and my girls want PRIVACY above all else and, while Bubba will never, ever be home on time (or enough for our taste), I feel less and less uncomfortable leaving and more and more sad that they don't cling to me when I walk to the car.

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