Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Lucky 7

Last week had a little more activity than usual.  Dr. Fabulous had to work very almost every night and I had three article deadlines due Monday, Wednesday and Saturday along with all the other stuff that comes with four children such as homework, activities, projects, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. I'm sure you know the drill.  I'm sure you live some version of it too.

Some of the extra 'business' this week was Tink's Fabulous 7 year old Birthday Party!  She wanted to invite her entire class of 20 kids, plus a few extra friends, and since I was such a slacker that I didn't try to book a place enough in advance, I ended up having to do it here at the house.  It was a little dicey in that I had to drive CB to Maryland and back hours before the party, taking out a big chunk of my day for preparation, so I had stayed up late the night before doing most of it.

So, knowing it was just going to be bonafide mayhem, I kept it simple on all levels.  I have a history of having some over-the-top birthday parties but as time goes on I realize, all the kids want to do is eat junk and play.  The rest is usually lost on them.

The theme was a Pajama Party, Half-Sleepover and I needed to keep it non-girly because of the 6 boys there.  I picked up everything I needed in one stop on Wednesday afternoon at Target.  I used mini flashlights as party favors, attaching a note with ribbon on each one that read "Your Friendship Lights Up My Life." I just printed it out on card stock from my computer.

I found this "party confetti" from Mara Mi at Target (in the aisle with the paper plates and party stuff) and taped two sides together with a toothpick sandwiched in between. You could use hot glue too, I was just lazy.  (I used the really cheap, flat toothpicks so the toppers stay together better.)
Because Tink loves owls, I also found owl stickers at Target and Ta Da! There were my easy, inexpensive cupcake toppers!  You could really pick anything - the stickers in the scrapbooking section are great!

I had a bunch of scrapbook paper also from Target (I think each pack of 10 was only a dollar) that I cut into triangles and taped to a ribbon I had laying around.

In their valentine section I bought Bingo and pin the heart on the giraffe which were super cute but only 5 girls played while the boys chased the other girls around the basement.

I thought about doing a pinata and a craft and a scavenger hunt, but honestly all they wanted to do was run around and play together.  I put on a movie at one point and a handful of kids watched it, the other handful watched Tink open her gifts, and the rest went First Graders Gone Wild and just did their own thing.

Her special day was here and gone in a whirlwind.  I feel like it was over before it began.  
I blinked, and she was 7.

I can't keep blinking so fast.

That's my Tink.  
I just love this kid.  


Elizabeth said...

I'm very impressed at the crafty, thrown-together birthday party! It looks like a pro did it, and the kids certainly look joyous! Kudos to you, mama --

Julie Ann Knapp said...

Super Mommy strikes again!

kario said...

Happy Birthday to you both! I love that you recognized that the kids just want to be spontaneous and let them do that.

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