Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend started out simple and sweet enough.  Tink prepared Pink breakfast in bed as part of her Random Act of Kindness coupons.

It was a big hit.

We had girl scout cookie booths and birthday gymnastic parties and visits with family.   

At 2:30 am, on what technically was the wee hours of Sunday morning, CB woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed sitting at the kitchen table ready for a full breakfast.  After a few glasses of water and a way past midnight snack we returned to bed. At 7:15 am she was hovering over my bed trying to pull off my covers with her hand and mouth covered in poop.  

After bathing her and dressing her in fresh clothes I returned to the warm bed to snuggle with my man in the little time we had left before the girls got all geared up and we needed to ready ourselves for church.  

One of the girls ran down the hall and jumped in between us, as is typical for weekend mornings.  As I stroked her hair I noticed...

Lice eggs. 
Tons of lice eggs.  

So that was the rest of my Sunday - lice annihilation.  If you don't know what that entails it is simply horrid.  Tons of laundry, bagging up stuffed animals, pillows, comforters, vacuuming everything from rugs to mattresses to sofas and treatments on all the girls (though I only found eggs on one) which is labor intensive with shampooing, methodical combing, blow drying on high heat and flat ironing. 

Obviously, Sunday was not very productive in terms of my writing goals.

Monday I recovered.

You gotta love parenthood.


kario said...

Never a dull moment. I hope that you are able to hold the memory of Tink's breakfast in bed prep in your head and heart and wash the rest away like so much dirty laundry. ;-).

Hope the rest of your week leaves lots of time for writing. Hate, hate, hate lice eradication! You deserve a spa visit for that alone.

Elizabeth said...

I am still traumatized from the lice period, and it happened over five years ago.


Alicia D said...

We've had 4 bouts of lice here... the last episode was all the girls AND me and we could not rid ourselves of it. It lasted all summer long and I was ready to burn down my house and shave all of our heads. We spent over 500$ on prescription and over-the-counter treatments none of which seemed to work. I still have nightmares. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone got it again but thankfully its only one of them.... so far... UGH!

Richelle said...

You had me at the mouth covered in poop...Makes my heart sink every itme I experience that. The lice was the frosting on the cake. Many hugs to you!! :)

Kim said...

Holy cow, what a weekend. The LICE. I shuddered. I was lucky when that happened here, I shaved the Roc bald and then treated myself...just in case. ugh.

Alicia D said...

@kim - lol - i have so FANTASIZED about shaving my girls bald when lice infestations occur!

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