Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a low key, family weekend which is just what the girls needed after scarcely seeing their dad for about 11 days.  

Dr Fabulous and I went out to a local Beef and Beer to support the TopSports program which allows kids of all abilities and needs to have the opportunity to play team sports with adaptive equipment and specialized instruction.  I'm LOVING our town for this! I'm actually trying to weasel Pink in there to work as one of the "buddies" to be paired up with one of the special players.  She's on the young side, but has the perfect heart and obviously loads of experience. 

Oh, we also WON a raffle basket at the fundraiser.  Of course, we won the lamest most practical thing there - flippin' mulch.  

Clearly that was the basket Dr. Fabulous went for with gusto.  While I'm putting tickets in for restaraunt baskets, gift certificates to the Amish market, massages, Scentsy candles, and bottles of wine, he says he went "hard" for the mulch.  Somehow, I just KNEW if we won, that would be it.

I was right.  But hey, at least it was something, right?


Shameless Self Promotion Alert:

Why shouldn't we tell our kids to "be good?"  I got it all figured out on SheKnows. Or at least, I'm pretending I do.  You can read that article HERE.


Elizabeth said...

Please continue to self promote! I'm so proud of you for getting your voice out there and love everything you write --

Alicia D said...

@elizabeth - THANK YOU for your sweet words and years of support :). Means SO much!!

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