Tuesday, February 26, 2013


There is a 'pro' to waking up at 5:50 am every morning in order to get CB ready for her 6:40 bus.  

It is the amazing opportunity to start off my morning seeing the sunrise out of my big picture window in the sunroom. Typically, Tink is also up to share it with me. 

It's really more beautiful than this photo some days.

I snapped this photo accidentally on slow speed. I think its actually bizarrely cool.  

Happy Random Tuesday!


kario said...

That sunrise is the most absolutely spectacular thing I've ever seen. I love that you get to see it!

And that photo is sooo cool. I wish I knew how to do stuff like that on purpose ;-)

Tanya Savko said...

Wow, what an incredible sunrise! Nigel used to have a 6:45 bus pickup and I wish I had thought to watch the sunrise back then!

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