Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Our Unholiness

Pink made her first Reconciliation in the Catholic church this weekend.  I didn't know what to expect given that I am not Catholic myself but it was very laid back and special without the fanfare of the First Holy Communion (coming this April!). 

Anyway, the pitiful thing was that Dr Fabulous and I got there 20 minutes early and after talking to the main woman who directed the whole thing were told that they would take the children row by row to do their confession so we sat in the second row from the front, all excited to not have to wait for eons as literally 80 children lined up to confess their sins.  

Unfortunately, the priest neglected to make this announcement so the entire congregation just stood up and bum-rushed the stage despite the attempts of this poor sweet woman to get everyone to sit down and go in order.  Dr. Fab and I were then relinquished to 100th in line for Father Tony who (despite there being three other priests) was the one we HAD to have.  We love Father Tony!

Naturally, as good church going citizens we should have been patient instead of annoyed but... we were kinda annoyed.  Well, Dr. Fabulous was more mildly annoyed as he whispered something super holy in my ear like "This is f*ing ridiculous" and I had to give him a clandestine elbow to the gut. 

I think for both of us we struggle with this:  We try to always follow the rules, do the right thing, do as instructed and not what gets us "ahead." You know, like when I go to the girls Halloween parade and the rule is don't stand in front of the yellow police tape around the perimeter of the parking lot so I get there obscenely early and wait in the cold on the INSIDE of the tape and then 10 seconds before the parade starts some giant bigheaded family always comes clomping in and stands directly in front of me on the OUTSIDE of the tape and don't move even when the principal makes an announcement on the loudspeaker for everyone to get inside the line.  Ya know, they don't move because... why should they? Which is fine, seriously.  Accept I did everything by the rules and... I get screwed.  The same thing happens to Pink... she's always trying to be the "good" one and often realizes that in the end... does it matter?  The people who don't necessarily try hard to follow the rules don't suffer because of it and often get rewarded.

Anyway, I don't know where I'm going with this except I was trying to overcome feeling judgey and indignant so I was really annoyed at myself for feeling annoyed especially in CHURCH of all places where you aren't supposed to judge and are supposed to be calm, patient, and filled with God.

I failed at that.  The presiding lady let us cut in line because she liked Dr. Fabulous (he's a bit of a charmer) and felt bad that she was in the process of escorting us to Father Tony when a wall of people swarmed the joint. We got looks from everyone when she escorted us to the front of the line.  The VIP treatment.  We should have declined her offer and just been humble.  Ugh.

And THAT was Pink's reconciliation! 
She rocked it.  
We sucked. 

CB came back from from her weekend in Maryland sportin' her Ravens shirt.  We didn't watch the game.  Instead I cleaned up puke as Tink got a stomach virus last night.  I've never seen so much vomit come out of such a tiny little girl.

Speaking of Ravens, which are birds, this afternoon my front yard was a'flurry with a bazillion cardinals.  There were probably about 7 red males, 8 females and close to 50 little tiny birds that traveled with them so I assumed they were the babies.  
They live in the underbrush on the side of our house.  So cool.  

From lice to the stomach flu.  Hoping this week doesn't turn into puke-fest 2013.  


kario said...

Ugh. I hope Pink was pleased with herself. It certainly looks like CB is! ;-).

Have a lovely weekend. May you be puke-free.

Kristi - Finding Ninee said...

You so deserve a puke-free, lice-free weekend!
Was laughing about the church part - you elbowing your hubs in the ribs :)

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