Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Friday Hodgepodge

I got my new running shoes yesterday. Whooo hoooo!  So psyched.

These are the ones I originally wanted back 2 years ago when I bought my first pair and didn't want to spend the extra $35 for the ones I really wanted - the Gortex black and pink. 

So, now here I am with 1 pair of $100 running shoes retired to my closet (my Asics were good to me but way too white)
and now I have my Brooks Ghost 4 Gortex shoes... which, because they are a few seasons old were actually very cheap. But still, when you factor in my prior shoe investment scarcely 2 years ago, it really didn't save me money. 

But I got my black and pink shoes and that is highly important. 
This is what serious running is all about, people!

Can I brag a little bit now?  I gotta brag... I LOVE this girl so freakin' much!

The school has a really big award called The Hawk Award. The teachers nominate a few students per year...only ONE recipient per GRADE each month is selected and honored. That means out of probably around 180 third graders, only 10 will get this recognition each year.  

The award is given to a student who exemplifies STAR student behavior - not only who follows all the rules and behaves well, but also one who stands out as a student who goes above and beyond the school's expectations.  A student who is notably helpful, kind, cooperative, giving, and proactive creating a happy and caring school environment.  

Guess who got it?

Thats my PINK!!!!!!  

She was sooooo ecstatic I can't tell you!  Her dad and I were too.  
Insanely proud of her.  She is so shy, but it doesn't stop her from always offering to help another, extend a hand, a word of praise or encouragement, or clean up a mess left by someone else.  Her shyness doesn't stop her, it guides her because she's always looking around and taking it all in and seeing the things that others might miss.  That is what makes her special.  

Did I say I freakin' LOVE this kid?  Melts my heart. 


Why is it so important to be consistent when raising our children? And why on earth is something that sounds so easy so difficult? I have some insights and tips on improving our ability to be consistent parents over at SheKnows... Read it HERE!

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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations to your star!

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