Thursday, March 7, 2013


I had a sick girl sent home from school yesterday.  Poor little Pink had a low grade fever and just looked beat. She got home, threw up once, slept a lot, and then her fever went down by evening.  Though this morning she was looking better I kept her home just to be sure.  

Whatever it was, it's leaving her quickly which is great news.  Now, I just need to keep the others from coming down with it.  

Since Pink was out of school today, she accompanied me on the drive to Maryland where I dropped off my CB for a 3-day weekend with her Dad.  

I'm off to tour Pink's new school this evening- next year she leaves the Elementary school and heads over to another school which houses 4th and 5th grade.  Not quite middle school... I don't know what they call it, but I'm gonna try not to cry as I tour the halls.  

So much is changin'. 

Thankfully, I can go straight out post-orientation to meet up with some ladies for a few glasses of wine.  

Because I'm kinda in a rush, I'll leave you with some of my written words over at the two sites where I am a contributing writer.  First is - a GREAT resource for holistic health and wellness.  I'm over there discussing how we can wean our families off of processed foods.
Read the article here at

And of course, I can't stop the flow of parenting wisdom over at She Knows! This week I'm highlighting the importance of raising kids with good social skills in a high-tech world.  Check it out HERE.


Christy said...

I just have to say that I'm totally loving your blog. I love that you write so honestly, and so well! I know one of your goals is to publish books and I have no doubt you'll succeed! Going out for wine with girlfriends sounds divine!

(Are you, perchance, going to be at the yoga workshop on Monday? I am!!! :))

Christy said...

OMG I LOVE your saying above this box. Totally copying you!!!

Alicia D said...

@christy - nope... cant do the yoga workshop... instead Im working at the wed. newbie night selling shirts :)

kario said...

Glad Pink is recovering quickly. And I am so in love with the fact that CB's dad is engaged in her life. It is so different than the way I was raised where, after a divorce, the father becomes this distant person who sends expensive gifts and makes a grand gesture once a year, but doesn't do much of the actual work of parenting...

Have a fabulous day!

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