Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: In Sickness and In Health

Several years ago, the first year I began blogging, I wrote a sarcastic little piece about how men don't do sick well.  I proceeded to make fun of my husband's incapacity to handle illness and touted my own ability to plough through anything short of the Black Plague. 

Well, there may or may not be any truth to those wry statements but I will admit it makes me cringe a bit reading that snarky post I wrote five years ago.  Then again, five years ago I had three in diapers and four completely dependent on me - a 12 year old CB plus a 3 1/2 year old, 2 year old and baby.  So, ya know, I was a bit more in the weeds than I am now

Yup, there we are.  Deep in the weeds!

Don't let that cuteness fool you.  It was MAYHEM... bonafide mayhem.  

I'll tell you one thing though- my husband knows how to rally when I am out of commission and I gotta give him props.

I was slammed by the flu Friday morning and I should be grateful that it only lasted the weekend.  After my first doses of something called TamaFlu (that the Med Emerge doctor prescribed me on Sunday as I sat in his office on day 3 of consecutive 102 fever) I was 85% better.  However, I was pretty much out of commission (and contagious!) Friday through Sunday which left Dr. Fabulous on his own with the three kids (thankfully, CB was in Maryland this weekend). He carted them around to the Amish market and church and took Pink to her First Holy Communion Retreat for two and a half hours AFTER church and then drove to Maryland round-trip and back to pick up CB.  

I mean, I was literally sleeping and hobbling around the house either layered with 3 sweatshirts, a coat and blanket wrapped around me or lying in a gallon of sweat after a fever broke.

Of course it was like, the nicest weekend Jersey has seen in months and I couldn't even appreciate it.  I love the irony in that. I'm sure this wasn't the weekend he was imagining it would be.  Weekends where CB is in Maryland offer us more opportunity to do things that would be challenging for her to participate in. We were going to hit the Cape May Zoo but, obviously we were derailed. 

He never complained, even when I screwed up the location of Pink's Sunday retreat causing him the added stress of running around and being 20 minutes late.  Even when I went to adjust the time on the nice watch he gave me only a year ago and completely pulled out the pin and broke it.  Even though the house was a mess which gets him kinda antsy. Even when I attempted to cook dinner Sunday night because I was feeling better and screwed up the dish, as usual. Even though today he found out I signed him up for coaching the Spring Soccer Academy and it was a bit more than he realized... whoops. Ya know, he never yelled once, or rolled his eyes or seemed frustrated or made me feel the least bit guilty for anything. 

Being married to me has got to require a lot of deep breathing and mental mantras for sure.  

I mean, look at my psychotic smile... I look evil!

Anyway, I'm feeling better today and confident that I'm on the upswing and will be back in action!

Okay, time for bed.  Don't want to push my luck.

Sorry for the lame post - with nothing going on but fever, pain and misery this weekend I obviously had little that was blog-worthy!


Christy said...

I don't think this was a lame post at all! I LOVE reading about how people's real lives are going. SOOO glad you're on the upswing and the meds helped. And you know, I'm in the same place you were a few years ago - and what a great description that is. I AM IN THE WEEDS. Three in diapers (pull ups, the oldest, but whatever, it counts!) This sh*t is hard! :)

Your husband sounds like a keeper too!

Hope to see you soon!

Kim said...

Hope you are feeling better and better. And THOSE eyes! On all your girls! My god.

kario said...

I'm so sorry it was such a rough weekend! I'm betting you and your husband both have a deeper appreciation for each other after this, though. You for his ability (and willingness) to push through and him for the sheer volume of what you do to keep it all together most of the time.

Feel better!

Tanya Savko said...

I'm glad you're on the mend! I started blogging five years ago as well. It's really good to step back and see how far I (and the kids) have come since then!

Julie Ann Knapp said...

It's probably my own demented sense of humor but this post tickled my funny bone... I can just picture your husband/my husband/any husband trying to keep a good attitude while being sent to the wrong location AND forced to be 20 minutes late through no fault of his own... Oh, and love the old school pics :)

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