Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Long Day

What a day!

First, Happy 70th Birthday to my Dad
and my friend Janeen!
She is not 70, by the way. 

I took the four girls to my Dad's house in Pennsylvania to celebrate with a small family dinner, which rounded out an interesting day.
CB only broke two things and tried to open the car door driving across the Walt Whitman bridge so overall I'd give that visit a grade of 'B -'. 

Pink and Tink had their dentist appointments today, and while Pink had a clean bill of health Tink had FOUR cavities.  
If you read yesterday's post, I'm still not over Rella's cavity.

I'm just...
at a loss.

So, that's that.  

I raced them back to school, dropped Rella off late to pre-school then dashed into her IEP meeting where her "Turning Five Re-Evaluation" was discussed and 
Yay - she was de-classified!

She will enter Kindergarten in the fall as a Regular Ed student in a Regular Ed classroom and continue to be followed for speech, with great improvements from her year-long program and therapy.  

We ended up not getting home from PA until 10:00 pm.  
I raced the other girls to bed (not sacrificing good tooth brushing and our ACT fluoride rinse!) and found CB in the kitchen with a half-dozen broken organic, brown eggs all over the floor and a diaper filled with poop.  

Now that everyone is asleep, I am blogging like a lunatic, instead of sitting in front of mindless T.V. with a glass of wine or sleeping.
Call me crazy.

But, I am going to bed now.  Suddenly I feel like this has been a very long day.


Elizabeth said...

I'd say that "I don't know how you do it," but then again, I do.

Sending love.

kario said...

Wine goes just as well with blogging as it does with TV...just sayin'.

Ugh, dentists.

Tanya Savko said...

A long day indeed. And your dad looks much younger than 70! His birthday (and year) is close to my dad's, who would have been 70 on May 14.

Anonymous said...

Pursuant to my additional dental comment on your post from one day ago:

I was browsing an old message board where someone asked for a dentist recommendation. Someone else answered: "I love my dentist! My dentist finds cavities other dentists miss."

Yowch. This person needs to learn a new vocabulary word: "overtreatment."

See the newspaper pieces I linked to on yesterday's post.

Anonymous said...

Also, you know the Diagnodent that they mention in the newspaper story? The Diagnodent advertises in dental trade magazines as a way to bring more money into your practice. Find the microcavity, show the patient, and retire young.

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