Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mother Of The Year, Part 3,732

I remember the days when I was this awesome, know-it-all, perfect mother.
Of course, it was before I had kids.  
When I had it all figured out - parents whose kids tantrumed, screamed, ran around like lunatics, interrupted grown-ups talking were just plain doing something wrong.  
That would never be MY kids.  
And when I'd hear that some poor child got a cavity?  Well, me and my judgey little britches just knew those slacker Moms must not have been brushing those tiny little teeth for heavens sake! 

Of course, life after kids has humbled me and I can honestly say
I've long abandoned those judgements.
Kids scream, they tantrum, they interrupt and they run around like lunatics. 
But get cavities?  
Nope. Not on MY watch.

Yeah, so um... *cough cough*  
Rella has a cavity.  
Plus another one is starting in a second tooth, but they will leave that one be for now.

I'm so freakin' upset about this I can't even explain.  

In preparation for Monday's drilling and filling the dental hygienist sent us home with some dental paraphernalia and all afternoon we gave Rella's "Bubby" a check up.

I didn't get my first cavity until I was 23.  
I guess she didn't inherit my teeth.

I'm sorry baby girl. 


Elizabeth said...

I have one son who is the best brusher and a far better eater than the other, yet he started getting cavities at age four and continues to do so! It's aggravating, isn't it? And expensive!

Anonymous said...

There are aggressive dentists and conservative dentists. I am convinced that whether you have cavities has more to do with your dentist than anything else. I am always leery that the same dentist diagnoses AND treats. After all, a dentist makes money on treatment. My dentist said he has watched the same fissures in patients for 22 years, and they never developed any further. A more aggressive dentist would have filled those precavities decades ago.

Alicia D said...

@anonymous... your post is making me take some pause before getting any treatment. I didn't get my first cavity until i was 23 and it was when I started going to my (now ex-) husband's dentist. He diagnosed me with cavity after cavity... i had a new one every 6 months I went there. Now I have 7 fillings in my mouth when somehow I had a clean dental bill of health up until then. I wondered.... but then I thought mb they had just been "brewing" that whole time.
I wonder if I should get a second opinion?

Julie Ann Knapp said...

Haha! I always say I was the best mom before I had kids! I concur with cavity thing. Interesting, though, that it could just be a treatment happy dentist not a slacking mom... I've been thinking, too, a lot about the "Love and Logic" theory of child-rearing. Because, for example, if my oldest doesn't brush her teeth properly - what do I do just let her get cavities? That doesn't seem right to me but she won't let me help her... Ugh! Anyways, good luck to you and Rella.

Christy said...

Oh I hope you really don't blame yourself! One of my best friends is a healthy eating vegetarian pediatrician. Her kids eat the best, healthiest food of anyone I know. They brush regularly, etc. The last time they went to the dentist they both had MULTIPLE cavities. Some kids, some people, are just prone to them.

But if you want a second opinion, we have a wonderful pediatric dentist in our club! One of her dental hygienists is my mentee this year! :)

kario said...

Please don't blame yourself (or your genes). I think anonymous is right - there is so much discrepancy in how different dentists diagnose and treat things. I had a dentist for years who was 'watching' a spot in my mouth and when we moved and I changed dental offices, the new guy was all hot to 'fix' my cavity. When I told him it wasn't causing me any pain and we'd been monitoring it for over three years, that shut him up.

I'd get a second opinion from a holistic dentist if you can find one. Then, even if they say she has to have it filled, they will use nontoxic materials.

Tatum said...

Cheers to all those amazing parents (to be)!

Anonymous said...

It's anonymous again. (I'm also the SmartMouth one. Surprise!)

Love the phrase "treatment-happy dentist."

Their dental philosophy is formed in dental school.

Here are two newspaper pieces for you to read on overtreatment of cavities.



Jessica Watson said...

Cavities or not, she's adorable. I sort of agree with the other commenter too. I took my oldest to a children's dentist who said she needed four fillings. I took her to my dentist for a second opinion and also because I had no clue how we would get her fillings filled because of her autism and sensory issues. He said she didn't need any fillings but may in the next few years.

Alicia D said...

@anonymous/Smart Mouth :)
I LOVE the info you share!! Thank you for these articles.... Will read them now!

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