Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Glenn Close Might Be Reading My Article Right Now

So one of the far too many things I volunteer to do is help out in this local Women's Triathlon Club.  I don't actually DO triathlons, mind you.  I just go to the drinking events and maybe throw in a few road races throughout the year.  Maybe one day I'll train for a tri, but probably not.

Each year this club participates in campaigning for a cause and raising both awareness and money for a charity.  This year, our "cause" is to reduce the stigma of mental illness by raising awareness through education.  I assisted in organizing a really great event with a wonderful committee of passionate, incredible women.  We are raising money for Bring Change 2 Mind, a non-profit started by Glenn Close (yes, the six time academy award nominee!) who has a sister living with Bipolar disorder.

Anyway, the event was a huge success - about 80 women in attendance, not a dry eye in the house as courageous club members shared amazingly powerful stories, and an awesome panel of experts answered questions.  It was great.  And, since we are raising awareness AND money for Bring Change 2 Mind, that organization was very interested in our event and have been very, very supportive of our endeavors.

So, my friend Lydia forwarded the nice woman over at the main headquarters my "article" summarizing the night. This woman wrote back a nice "thanks" and also said she would "pass this along to Glenn."


You know, that's THE Glenn Close  of one of my favorite movies of all times "Dangerous Liaisons." Glenn Close of The Big Chill, The Jagged Edge, Fatal Attraction... omg.

OMG!  [Insert sorority girl squeal HERE]

Glenn Close might actually lay eyes on something I wrote.
Possibly, maybe.
Probably not.

But, I can picture her now, coffee mug in hand, golden ringlets tucked behind one ear, scanning through my email attachment because she's in a rush, but lingering on a few lines that stood out to her.  Maybe even smiling a bit to herself.


One of the most courageous, remarkable young women I know (who is also the most adorable) shared her powerful story about her father's suicide and her "20 seconds of insane courage" that night which you can read on her inspiring blog.  Please go visit Kate at Tri-ing to Be Happier Everyday. She is beautiful on the inside and the outside.  She has great recipes for "clean eating" too.

I have a piece published over on Mamalode Magazine's blog today about CB speaking clear as day in the Crying Room of our church. I don't think Glenn is reading this one, so I would love it if you clicked over! It helps me, as the author, potentially get paid (as it's on a page view basis)...

...but more importantly this is a beautiful magazine written for women, by women.  Lots of powerful, poignant, moving, and inspiring creative non-fiction and personal essay - so many things and experiences to which I can relate.  If you are a writer, check out their submission guidelines for their print magazine or their blog and see how you too can contribute!


Elizabeth said...

Wowza is right! Congrats on all of it --

kario said...

You are a wonder.

That's all.

Tanya Savko said...

Very exciting! And I will definitely need to check out her organization.

Jhon mac said...

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