Thursday, April 11, 2013


Sometimes it happens. Maybe your little one points, stares a bit indiscreetly or asks a bit too loudly "What's wrong with that person?" when they see a wheelchair or some other child behaving differently.

It's so innocent, yet you might find yourself shrinking with embarrassment in the moment, especially if you yourself have limited exposure or comfort with this population.

If your child inquires a bit too loudly about another person's differences, your reflexive response may be to duck the conversation, reprimand their poor manners, or scurry away non-chalantly.  Instead, I encourage you to turn awkward exchanges into awareness-raising opportunities for our youngest generation!

Read my full article on "Explaining Autism To Curious Children" which offers some simple insights and advice on how to turn missed opportunities into teachable moments by clicking over to SheKnows HERE.  Oh, and feel free to pass it on. (Yes, I'm shamelessly self-promoting again!)

Happy tHERsDay!

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