Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: First Holy Communion

This past weekend Pink made her First Holy Communion. 

It was a beautiful day celebrating with only her immediate family plus the aunts, uncles, and cousins who could attend, her three sets of grandparents and two of her four great-grandparents.  

We found a bridesmaid's dress for $40.00 and the shoes for less than $20 at Target. I made the invitations for less than $20, did her hair myself with my curling wand and took her photos right in our back yard... because I love takin' pictures if you couldn't tell!

She actually chose to wear the headpiece that I wore in my own wedding. There was not a veil like most of the other girls, but let me tell you - she felt like a princess in it.  

We kept the party small so we could have it at our house though I did have it catered so I did not have to worry about food prep and could just enjoy the day.

I'm glad we kept it intimate and simple. It gets so crazy around here and while crazy can be fun and awesome and full of energy and excitement, sometimes it zaps me and distracts me from the true meaning of a day.

It's nice to just breathe and appreciate without much stress.
We just wanted her to feel special and I know she did.  

My friend Anca from Anca Bakes made Pink's favorite cake - Red velvet with cream cheese icing.  
It was YUM! If you are a local reader, check out her facebook page and consider using her for your next party.  

 With her God Father

 Her great grandmothers

 Cousin goofiness

I cannot write this post without mentioning the tragedies that occurred today.
My heart breaks for the families of those who had loved ones taken away or catastrophically injured during the explosions at the Boston Marathon. 

My heart breaks particularly for the family of the 8 year old boy who just recently made his First Holy Communion. It's difficult to write these sweet, sentimental words and post photos of my lovely life in the wake of the almost daily tragedies that occur across this big wide world.  But sometimes all we can do is hold our dear ones close and love with all our heart. I do it not because I am out of tune with the loss of others.  I do it to honor those who lost everything by appreciating all that WE have and never taking it for granted. 


Julie Knapp said...

Beautiful. Congrats to Pink.

Claire said...

You are an excellent photographer. It all looks so beautiful! Blessings to the gal.

Kristi Campbell said...

Your photos take my breath away. I could stare at them for hours - they really are wonderful (what kind of camera do you use??).
I've been struggling with whether to even mention the tragedies in Boston. On one hand, I feel like I must - to honor them. On the other hand, what can I possibly say? I'm sad, and angry, and confused and heartbroken. You addressed it perfectly with your words " I do it not because I am out of tune with the loss of others. I do it to honor those who lost everything by appreciating all that WE have and never taking it for granted." Combined with your amazing photos, such powerful stuff.

Congratulations to Pink! <3

Alicia D said...

Thank you Kristi :). I use a Canon Rebel - its VERY user friendly!

Tanya Savko said...

Congratulations! And I love the headpiece - very similar to the one I wore for my First Holy Communion. (And the cake looks amazing!)

Kerri Ames said...

What a beautiful day. Pink looks like she is a princess and the photographs are simply wonderful. I am glad you had a great day, even if it was followed by tragedy. Your post shows the beauty in the world that should never be obstructed.

kario said...

What a lovely day for you all. I hope she is terrifically proud of herself.

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