Thursday, April 18, 2013


CB rocked her Neurology appointment.  I mean, seriously rocked it. She was so good - calm and cooperative. 
The best she's EVER been at any doctors in forever.

Even with the blood draw, she was great.  No kicking, spitting, crying, thrashing about.  
Rocked it!
Her calcium level is back to normal, seizures are doing better at once to twice a month and now we have to unfortunately transition from pediatric neurology to adult.  
I'm not looking forward to that change, and we will have to not only leave pediatric neurology but also our pediatric orthopedist and our beloved pediatrician. 


Speaking of orthopedics... I wrote an article on WholesomeOne about deep tissue massage and scoliosis if you want to check it out. 

Not related in any way what so ever, I'm discussing sports safety in children over on She Knows. Did you know40% of concussions occur to children between the ages of 8 and 13?  And that 3.5 million kids visit the E.R. every year for sports related injury?  You didn't know that?  Welp, you better click over and read!



Elizabeth said...

This is SUCH good news. Good luck with that transition -- I was just in D.C. working on the issue with others in the epilepsy world.

Unknown said...

great news for CB! Are there very strict and specific age markers for special needs cases to have them all switched at once? I may or may not have gone to my pediatrician until 23. allegedly.
- sheila

icansaymama said...

Woo hoo to CB for rocking out that appointment!

I can understand that you are dreading the change from paediatrics to adults! Isn't it possible that you stay there a bit longer given that CB's developmental age is not her biological age?

Alicia D said...

Hi all. The pediatrician may "bend" her "rules" and allow CB to keep going as is her pediatric dentist who only works w/ the special needs population. Unfortunately, the neurologist cannot make those allowance. The policy at Childrens Hospital of PA kick ya out at 18. She was very candid in letting me know that it will be a pretty big transition in terms of the type of care we get and the general vibe in the waiting room, with staff, etc. I'm not looking forward to the change but then again, i wasn't looking forward to ANY of this back when she started out as a baby! LOL! Just part of life I guess!!

If she stays THIS well behaved at the doctors, we'll be fine though :)

kario said...

I hate that so much of the medical/psychological world is divided into child v. adult because of politics. I remember being so frustrated when kids we had worked with "aged out" of the mental health system and instead of being eligible for benefits, were sent to prison because there's more money in the adult system for incarceration than treatment. I know that's not your situation, but it is still frustrating to have that upheaval of changing so much in your life.

I hope you find a neurologist who 'gets' it

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