Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mid-Week Highlights Because I've Got Nothing

During the day there are so many blog posts floating around in my head.  They are amazing and profound, let me tell you. Sheer brilliance. But I'll be honest, after a long day with the kids by the time I clean up the house, organize stuff, and sit down at my computer it's like, 9:30 if I'm lucky. Then I return emails and get myself focused and by the time I'm ready to blog I feel much less inspired and a lot more mentally and physically tired.  

Which explains why I'm laming out yet again on a post and just doing some highlights of the week thus far. Yes, I know it's only Wednesday but we already have highlights.  

Rella earned her Tot Soccer trophy for participation in a recreational, day soccer program.  She's been walkin' around town showing this to everyone and anyone who will listen.  

We have been enjoying the warmer weather and spending more time outside.  We made some old school bird feeders yesterday with peanut butter and birdseed slathered on a pine cone.  

The birds haven't shown much interest in it yet, and I'm really wondering if peanut butter is even good for them, but I'm sure the squirrels will sniff it out soon.  

Tonight, the girls participated in another of their Kid Philanthropy Group's monthly projects, decorating flower pots for earth day and spring; one to keep and one to give in an "Act of Kindness."  They also passed out several flowers to the nursing home residents.  The best part is when the kids can see the smiles they put on the faces of others.

Then THEY got a smile on their face with complimentary water ice sponsored by a donor to the program.  Plus, CB was really good this time and her "buddy" was there so she had someone to pal around with... which for CB basically involves tolerating her sweet friend sitting near her and not spitting on her in the process.  

 And no diarrhea explosions like last month's meeting.  

Giving and kindness and water ice and no dirty diapers. Can't beat that day!  


Julie Ann Knapp said...

"Because I've Got Nothing" tee hee. I can relate and I am not half as busy and productive as you

Kristi Campbell said...

I do the same thing...compose amazingly thoughtful, funny, awesome posts in my head while in the car, at the grocery store, playing with my son at the playground...then, I sit down to write and, well, nada.
Awesome photos and hurray for no diarrhea explosions!

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