Friday, May 10, 2013

Muver's Day Tea

Rella's Preschool had a cute Mother's Day Tea
or how she referred to it: "Muver's Day Tea."

As they get older, there is less and less of these types of activities at the school.  They work harder, have fewer class parties, and Moms come in less and less frequently. Pink is practically a full-fledged, independent adult in the third grade.  I don't even think they HAVE parties anymore. 
Tink, in first grade, is on borrowed time.  

I'm gobbling it up with the Rella-Roo.  This is it for me.  For us.  The time to savor is dwindling.
We'll move on the the next stages - sweet in their own way, but nothing can ever replace this.

Happy Mother's Day to all you 'Muvers.'


Dee said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

kario said...

I miss those school-sanctioned Mother's Day events and the sweet art projects they generated.

Elizabeth said...

And to you, beautiful lady!

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