Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: Mother's Day

Hope all you Mommas out there had an awesome Mother's Day!  Ours was pretty standard fare... it wasn't awesome, it wasn't a bust.  It was fine.  It was pretty much like most weekends 'round here except in the midst of soccer practices, double-date dinner plans, Dr Fabulous working almost all Saturday afternoon, family visits, and all the general what-not 
I got a very cute slew of handmade gifts from the girls and a very appreciated gift card to a spa.   

And I got my annual Mother's Day photo.  After Pink was born I asked Dr Fabulous to take a picture of me and my girls on Mother's Day each year. They are never anything frame-able but they are my memories and documentation of how they grow. 
The early ones are on my old computer that crashed years ago and so there goes my idea of a bloggy trip down memory lane.  

Here's this year's photo.  CB is pissed.  That's a mid-yell "I'm pissed off" face that passes as maybe a happy laugh. It was better than some of the other faces she was making in the 27 other pictures.  You can see her sisters are totally "done" with posing. 

It's certainly better than this one

and definitely better than when she's not here at all.

The thing I've learned about Mother's Day AND photos is you can't expect too much from either. You just gotta roll with it and appreciate everything that isn't perfect because that is always what makes the heart smile and the memories unique.  


kario said...

You are absolutely right. We have to remember to grab the "mother's day moments" when they come throughout the year and not put too much stock in that one other day set aside for honoring us and the work we do. My girls, in the midst of hormonal angst, mostly tried really hard not to bicker (unsuccessfully) and we all went to bed really tired from fighting with ourselves and our inner monologues all day. Monday was much more relaxed for us all. Hope you thoroughly enjoy your spa day when you get it!

Alicia D said...

lol- your "inner monologues!!" that cracks me up! Ah, can't wait for hormonal angst :)
xoxo to you :)

Shannon said...

Agreed! Most of my pictures have 3 of my kids and one off to the side or screaming! LOL!
Beautiful pictures and great post!

Tanya Savko said...

I love your idea of taking a picture every Mother's Day. I wish I had thought of doing that! I did it the year my youngest was 9 months old, with Nigel squirming to get out of my other arm, yelling. I've learned to calibrate my Mother's Day expectations over the years!

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