Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today I'll get up at 6 am. I'll get everyone a hot breakfast.
I'll bring the trash and recycles to the corner.
I'll bring Rella to the park with friends.
I'll dye my grays, I'll feel my age.
I'll clean the house after Rella boards the afternoon bus, really clean it not just pick it up.
I'll run out to the grocery store for the fourth time this week
then hit the drycleaner and return overdue library books.
After school and homework and snacks I'll bring the kids to art class, back and forth for multiple sessions between 5 and 7 pm.
I'll change some diapers, I'll make some dinner, I'll give some baths, I'll shave CB's legs.
I might go grab a drink tonight with friends if Dr. Fabulous makes it home before 9:00,
but I might not.
If not, I'll finish reading Gone, Girl with a glass of white wine.

I'll do all of these things today and
I'll go to bed excited because tomorrow will be much more of the same but will
end with something special.
Tomorrow is prom.
CB and I are going to Prom! 
Maybe I should shave my legs too.


Elizabeth said...

You know what? I was just thinking about you, CB and prom and hoping that we'd get the update and photos soon! And here ya'll are! I can't wait.

And then I need to talk to you about shaving legs, but we should do that via email, I think.

Alicia D said...

LOL - yes to the "leg shaving email!!"

kario said...

How exciting! (And as for the grocery store, I have to say I love AmazonFresh delivery - one of the perks of living in the land of technology start ups. I can order groceries at 11pm and have them on my doorstep by dawn the next morning. It has saved me a lot of trips to the store. Yes, I pay more for it, but I'm worth it;-)).

Have a ball at prom!

Anonymous said...

I think you're the nicest mommy for shaving CB's legs!

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