Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wouldn't Miss A Thing

When I checked in on Facebook this morning I saw several posts about the great time had at a Comedy fundraiser last night. I missed it. Last night was the Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony and I'll tell you - as fun as last night sounded, there was no where else I'd rather be.

It's not that I'm so "in to" Girl Scouts, per se. I was one until maybe the fourth grade and then dropped out with many of my friends - too "cool" for it all anymore.  The Bridging Ceremony just represents my girls growing up, achieving something special, feeling good about themselves.  It's a small little event, but I love it.  I love everything about all these celebrations, because I'm a sap. 

Our lives will be full of ceremonies, and I don't plan on missing a single one - camera in hand, of course. 

Tink's Daisy troop did not participate in this large Bridging Ceremony, so I told her we'd go rogue and let her cross the bridge anyway.  

I was texting my husband today about our busy weekend.  We thought that since soccer ended last week that we would not be going a hundred miles an hour every weekend but no such luck. 
"Will it ever freaking end!" I texted him after listing everything on the agenda from Fri evening through Monday morning.
"One day we'll miss this," he responded.

Yup.  As much as I didn't want to admit it, he's right. One day we'll miss all the chauffeuring and shuttling, parties and parades, sports and classes...

Track and Field day on a hot afternoon...

When they were babies I thought "Nothing is cuter (or harder) than this." Then when they were toddlers I thought "Nothing is cuter (or harder) than this." Now my baby is five eating a donut off a string without using her hands and I'm thinking "Nothing is cuter than this." But it's easier. It's easier but still as busy. Your life isn't your own.  Was it ever?  Maybe yes, before kids. Now, your ass is theirs.  
I'm good with that.

God, it's crazy and God, I love it.  Love it as it drains and fills me again and again. The good, the bad, the wacky - love it all.  With all the heartbreak in the world, what is there to complain about really?  That my kids whined too much today? That something didn't go right? Okay, that's good for a 60 second gripe session but turn on the news and there is always a reality pill set neatly on the back of your tongue. 

There are so many things I can do with my evening, with my free afternoon, with my time and my energy. Fun things. Social things. "Me" things.  When all is said and done, as much as I love me some rest or some fun, there is honestly nowhere else I'd rather be than with these munchkins - crazy as they make me sometimes. 

Pink got to volunteer as a third grader with her sister's class. It was a nice surprise to see her there.

Dr Fabulous just got home. It's after 10 pm. He left the house at 6:30 am.  That was his work day and it's not that atypical. 
I'm gonna go touch base and tell him about our day before we both fall asleep and hit the ground running tomorrow.  


Elizabeth said...

You are infectious. I often look at my boys, aggravated and then realize and tell myself how much I'm going to miss it all when they're grown and gone. Onward!

Christy said...

I love LOVE love posts like this! And I especially love that you say it gets oldest isn't yet 5 though - I'm still totally in the weeds. Without an older special needs child too. You humble me!

And these pictures are magic!

kario said...

Nothing better than capturing these moments with your kids and knowing that they will forever remember your presence. Hope you find some quiet times in the weekend ahead.

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